How I Got 2,000+ Impressions for Our Linkedin Company Page in 2 Days [Video]

Posted by Matt Hodkinson
22-Feb-2013 23:23:00

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First things first, I have to say a massive thank you to @JorgenSundberg of Link Humans, not only for inviting me to speak (and consequently head up a Harlem Shake) at their #smlondon meetup this week, but also for putting me ont this gem of a strategy for driving interest in your products and services via Linkedin.  Ah, yes ... Linkedin.  Everyone I meet seems to be keen as mustard to get more business from their professional connections, but just doesn't know where to start. This is where to start! So this is only relatively new, but I figure many people in business are still without an active or complete Company Page on Linkedin, and this is the simplest of tips.

Check out the video, and please leave your comments and own experiences in the comments below.  My guess is that many more of you will generate even more impressive results, perhaps in a shorter time.  Best of luck with it!