three-ingredients-lead-generationIt seems no matter how much you blog and tweet, some online lead generation campaigns just don't seem to get the results you were hoping for.  In an effort to save some heads from a severe scratching, we've identified some ingredients that, when added to the "average" online lead generation effort, will get things moving in the right direction.

Here at Influence Agents, we're all about root cause analysis - using analytics, social insights and testing to determine what's most likely causing a failure or shortfall at any point in the customer acquisition journey.  It's only by knowing what's going on now, that we can set about identifying an adequate modification to the approach, and have any hope of generating a result.

Here are 3 areas where more businesses than most are setting themselves up to fail in the online lead generation stakes:

1. Buyer Personas

It's imperative to understand your customer as much as possible, and to have them in mind when creating content to be distributed across your digital channel - blogs, status updates, eBooks, videos and more.  Look at their primary drivers, their demographic profile, the phrases you would most-often attribute to them, as well as their common objections.  It often helps to give them a name, too.  The best one we've heard recently?  A chirporactic patient with very painful back problems, dubbed "Chronic Chris"!

2. Messaging and Tone of Voice

It's only when we have this persona in mind that we can even hope to match their expectations - both in the content we create for them, and in the tone of voice we use in communicating with them.  If the prospective client/customer - an accountant, for example - expects a professional tone, then you'd be wise to avoid using slang and over-familiar terminology.  The reverse would be true of an extreme sports brand.  Similarly, many site visitors will be hoping to avoid any jargon or cliche´s.  Be sure to match the expectation, and if any doubt, why not ask someone you know in a similar category of business.

3. Prioritise Your Blogging

In the modern business, blogs mean bucks.  Every time you create a blog post, you create an opportunity to display your expertise.  You also create a new property to be shared via social channels, and to be discovered via search engines.  Use the right key words and phrases in the right places, and you increase your potential further.  Add sharing buttons, and engage a few willing and well-connected readers, and evidence of your expertise can spread far and wide.  Go one further, and create a strong call-to-action within your posts, and you have every chance of boosting your lead generation capability to new levels.

In short, if you held in mind that your blog adds the potential of more money in your business, I'm sure you'd prioritise it further.  Engraining these 3 strategies in your online lead generation will set you on a path to success.


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