5 Ways to keep your partner portal fresh with kick-ass content.

Posted by Matt Hodkinson
07-Sep-2016 10:15:00

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Promoting and selling through your partner channel is likely to play a significant role in getting your products to market. Which is why it’s important that you focus on providing them with the right tools and knowledge to boost your brand and drive sales. In this article we look at how this can be achieved through delivery of fresh, relevant and engaging content.

Focus on the Verticals

Your partners and resellers are likely to target or work within a specific industry. Recognising the ‘niche’ verticals in which your partners operate offers the potential for a number of positive outcomes. From generating trust and value between you and your partners to helping focus sales and marketing efforts directly at their core audience.

Targeting your content at end-user specific issues strengthens your reseller’s sales arsenal. Focus your marketing content directly at your partner’s vertical. Are there specific issues within that sector that your product resolves? Or a an industry-specific case-study that can be co-authored?

Benefits Beat Features

“Enough about me. What do you think of me?”

Bette Midler, 'Beaches'

Sometimes it’s better to just stop talking about the specifics of your product and all those wonderful features.

End-users are invariably in search of solutions to specific problems or issues in their business. When they talk to a channel partner, it will be to find a way to resolve an issue. So, rather than generating content that outwardly promotes your product’s features, would it not be more valuable to the end-user if you focus efforts onto how a you’re able to resolve their problem?

White-Label Content

The content you produce needs to have a value for your partners, and ultimately, their customers. Remember: it might be your product, but the end-users are your partner’s customers.

Resellers should have the insight into what engages with their clients, helping to deliver value-added solutions. So why not allow your partners to take some ownership on how they package the marketing content?

Taking a ‘white-label’ approach wand allowing partners to re-brand accordingly can have a double-whammy effect. It delivers value to the reseller, enhancing their own position and authoritative value. Plus, the product offering is packaged in a way that directly appeals to the end-user.


If you really want to get your partners promoting your products, making life easy for them is a good way to go about things. Again, it's all about producing content of value.

As you launch a new product or campaign, having the full cache of material available for use simplifies the process for resellers. Are you able to produce sector specific content packages that your partner can easily adopt?

  • Web or Landing Page Copy
  • Sales Literature
  • Call-to-Action visuals
  • Emails
  • Ad Copy

Partner Support

As a vendor, you need to provide sufficient support to your resellers. Delivering engaging, sector-led content is a valuable part of this support, but to encourage profitable activity from them, your support will need to run deeper. Back-up the content delivery with training initiatives on best practices when it comes to campaign management. Promote the idea that your partners are industry authorities, delivering beneficial solutions to their clients.


Your partners and resellers are vital extensions of your sales team. More often than not they are ideally positioned to promote your software products, having direct access to a broad number of end-user clients. However, to get the full benefit of this invaluable route to market, you should look at the level of support and content that you’re providing, ensuring its relevance and value to your partners, their customers and the respective verticals in which they operate.

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