6 Ways to leverage LinkedIn for targeted B2B lead generation

Posted by Matt Hodkinson
17-Aug-2016 10:50:00

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With more than 450 million members, LinkedIn, the self-proclaimed World’s largest professional network, is the predominant social channel aimed at the global business community. Given this, you would think that it presents opportunities to generate ‘hot’ B2B sales leads – with very real chances of conversion.

However, as with any type of B2B marketing and lead generation, you need some kind of strategy. Ploughing on in ad hoc fashion may direct you to into conversation with potential clients every now and then; in amongst the plethora of self-promotion posts and less-than-subtle job seeking.

Let’s take a look at a few ways in which you can use LinkedIn and really leverage the site to get you towards the juicy B2B you need to be targeting.

Showcase pages

Beyond your profile and company page, LinkedIn also offers their Showcase Pages. This is the platform’s tool for businesses to highlight their products, services and brand. It’s an online marketing tool designed specifically to help you generate B2B sales.

Showcase pages are used to create content that promote a specific thing, aimed at a specific audience. In other words, an opportunity to target prospects with a product or service aimed directly at their needs.

Build a Company Family Tree

Whenever you target a new B2B client, part of the process will invariably be to chart a ‘family tree’ of the company you’re targeting. Getting to know the different players and decision makers.

Use the connections you’ve already made to start building a similar profile through LinkedIn. Look at who your connections are interacting with and, in so doing, who their connections are, within their business.

You can also use the advanced search function on LinkedIn to search for members within the company you’re targeting.

The Power of Groups

The groups on LinkedIn can be a source rich in prospects, if utilised correctly. Make a search for groups within your businesses area of expertise. Someone somewhere, has very likely set one up. In your search you can ascertain if they are well used – obviously, the better the interaction the more chance of engaging with new potential clients.

And, if you can’t find a group relevant to your field, then…

Create a Group of your own

The more active you get with groups on LinkedIn, the more you are likely to find certain topics, themes or industry matters that are in need of a group.

Set it up yourself.

Chances are, if you’re seeking dialogue in this area, then others probably are as well.

Get Published

Content is King, right?

It’s been true for websites, and SEO for years – and it’s increasingly true on LinkedIn.

Pulse is the site’s platform to publish articles and posts. It’s a chance to be an authority figure, on a platform where your opinion is likely to be found by those searching relevant content.

Your content can generate dialogue through the comments section which in turn can lead to connection and potential business opportunities further along the track.


LinkedIn offers some very real opportunities for laser-targeted B2B leads. The key, as with all B2B marketing, is devising a strategy and making optimum use of the platform's key tools.

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