Influence Agents are very proud to announce that, as of last Friday, we are officially HubSpot Gold Partners.  

At last month's Inbound conference in Boston, I was lucky enough to meet a great many partner agency heads form around the globe, and soon developed a sense of "tier envy" - not least when the Gold Partner party kicked off in the port area, one evening!  In all seriousness, I did return with the goal of getting Influence Agents to Gold status by the end of 2015, which makes it even more satisfying to have done it with 10 weeks to spare.


What does it mean?

Unsurprisingly, an element of achieving this level of partner status with HubSpot is onboarding a number of accounts, but that only tells a small part of the story.  Sold accounts do not count towards tiered partner status until they have achieved a certain level of CHI (Customer Happiness Index) - a measure of how active the client account is, and how the key marketing metrics are being affected, in a positive way.  This ensures that the program appeals not just to the best salespeople, but the very best at delivering inbound marketing results!

Happy clients

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the wonderful clients that have helped us get to this stage - those that believed in the power of inbound marketing, and who are now reaping the benefits.

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