Optimising the Way You Network with Twitter and LinkedIn

Posted by Matt Hodkinson
05-Jun-2013 14:57:00

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After you sift through some of the conversational gab of social media, most professionals will find that Twitter and LinkedIn can actually help them to connect and network beyond the office space. But, it is sifting through the personal conversations and meaningless chatter that can prove most challenging for those who want to utilize social media to promote their business and collaborate with others.
So, in order to make the most of your time on Twitter and LinkedIn, we have found that there are five simple ways for you to identify those social media users you want to communicate with and how to make it easy to get into the conversation.

1. Identify the Authors that You Already Follow

Most individuals who plan on using social media to network already follow certain authors and bloggers online that are considered ‘experts’ in their same field. It is these authors that should be the first people you seek out on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Anytime these authors post a new blog you can comment, tweet your feedback, give compliments or even ask questions to generate a professional relationship with someone you already consider an expert.


2. Use the Keyword Search on Twitter

Because there are so many uses for Twitter, navigating through the tweets can be tough. Make use of the keyword search tool that this site offers and search for your business niche to find the conversations you should be following. While it might take some time to filter through conversations, even when you have entered a relevant keyword to your business, when you find one that interests you join in. Responding to posts and giving feedback is a quick and easy way to get your name out there and build rapport with others just like you.


3. Introduce Yourself to Those Who are Looking at Your Profile

Most LinkedIn users don’t realize that there is a setting which allows you to see others who have looked at your profile. Check out these individuals and find out if it would be wise to strike up a conversation with them. They could be in your same field, interested in learning more from you or even a potential recruited. By starting a conversation with them you are essentially walking up to them and introducing yourself with a firm handshake, which always speaks wonders.


4. Start Contributing to ‘The Conversation’

Sometimes the best way to meet people is by showing them that you yourself are an expert in your field, and the way to do this is to become a respected author yourself. You can share ideas and information through a blog or even on your social network pages that others will find interesting and want to learn more about. Before you know it others will be seeking out your Twitter and LinkedIn posts to comment there too.


5. Find Relevant Groups to Join on LinkedIn

A group search on LinkedIn can provide you with a number of groups that are conversing on your same niche. While it will take a little time, you can read through these conversations and identify whether or not the group shares your interests. If you have found a group that you are interested in joining and is open to new individuals start to join in on the conversation.

Remember that if you want to truly make the most of networking through Twitter and LinkedIn that you have to remain professional in the information that you share and your tone. You are going to come across individuals with different perspectives or opinions than yours, and in order to keep using these social media outlets to network you have to remain professional and collaborate with respect. Think of social networking as a group of professionals who share ideas and information, just as you would with your real coworkers.