#SophiesChoice - How Social Stole the limelight at the World Cup

Posted by Sophie Figgis
19-Jul-2014 17:14:00

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After a month of football madness, this week signalled the end of another World Cup. Big events like this really help us to see how technology is shifting people's behaviour on a grand scale. This year, perhaps expectedly, was packed with tweets, posts and some great memes as people turned to social media to get their voices heard, and to join in the general hubbub surounding the World Cup.

The Social World Cup in numbers

3 Billion

World-Cup related Facebook Interactions

It's not a big surprise that Facebook had the Lion's share of the conversation throughout the event, but this has now become (for now) the largest conversation for any event, of any type, in history. 

280 Million

Facebook Interactions during the World Cup Final

For those of you saying that the figure of 3 billion was due to the event lasting for a month, here's another record smashing figure. The 280 Million interactions on Facebook make the final, the most talked-about sporting event in history. To put it in perspective, this year's Super Bowl generated 185 million interactions, and surely we never expected anything to beat the hype of American sport...

35.6 Million

Tweets During Brazil's epic defeat

It was not only the successes that the world wanted to be part of. With 35.6m tweets, the Brazil v Germany game took home the prize for most-discussed sports game on Twitter. Perhaps this is indicative of the tone of the irony-loving Twitter users, compared with their Facebook equivalents. In any case, everyone warred for the chance to tweet their funniest jibes of Brazil's 7-1 defeat by Germany

And how did the big brands react?

It is something we have always associated with the Super Bowl, but are brands starting to score closer to home? They definitely didn't sit idly. The Adidas #allin hashtag was used 47,000 times at the peak of the World Cup Final, while Coca Cola managed to rely on user-generated content giving them 144,104 Twitter photos of their logo between 01 and 06 June.

What can we learn?

If you can make your business part of the conversation, you have access to almost unlimited exposure. Social Media is no longer an added tool to tag onto the end of a traditional marketing campaign, or something that can be thought about in the future. Business is being won, and lost on social media, right now.

The trick is to make sure you are going to where your customers are, not the other way around. People may not be talking about your products or services, but they will be talking about something. Find out what it is and how you can be part of it, and maybe when the next big event comes around, you can start taking a share of the success.

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