#SophiesChoice - Why the smartest brands race to respond to consumers on social

Posted by Sophie Figgis
16-May-2014 18:07:00

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Whether B2B or B2C, your customers are getting more and more demanding. Though the benefits of technology are huge, the difficulty with your "social" and "always on" consumer, is that you need to be too.

You've spent a lot of time creating amazing content, and you've successfully targeted your ideal customers. Many brands at this point sit back, relax and wait for those people to come to them. But what if they do?

"80% of companies believe they provide superior customer service on social media. 92% of consumers disagree"

You've offered your prospects a ton of ways to engage with you - you have your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+... but how quick can you respond to them?

Scroll down this great infographic by Brickfish, and see why the smartest brands race to respond to consumers on social, and why you should have a system in place.

The race is on!

Brickfish Infographic: Why the Smartest Brands Race to Respond to Consumers on Social Media

All of this can be daunting - it can seem impossible from brands to keep up with the ever increasing rate of engagement and with it, expectations of their customers. That is why automating all these activities has never been more important.

Automation isn't about sending those "auto-tweets" that everyone hates, but instead working out customer sentiment, giving you the ability to establish strong, personal relationships with your customers, and even to delegate resposibilities through the team. If you want to learn more about how to do automation the right way, join us at Marketing Automation Live.


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