When it comes to video blogging, or "Vlogging", there are a few trains of thought.  Do you go for excellent production value?  Something that would cost some investment in sound, lighting, and perhaps studio time, as well as post-production expertise.  Or do you go for the "rough and ready" finish, in preference for the flexibility that this affords?  Have iPhone, will Vlog!  The latter is an approach adopted, very successfully, by Gary Vaynerchuk - now so much more than a wine blogger - one of the most respected of online personalities and living proof that small business, and personal brand, can generate a big buzz!

So, assuming you have the great ideas, and won't struggle for things to say to your target audience, how can you get into Vlogging, to benefit your business?  Here are a few tools that you might consider, to give your visibility a boost:


The name is interchangeable with any other screen capture software (cheaper and free options are available).  The important thing to bear in mind is that you don't always have to be in front of the camera.  Depending on your business, and the main area of focus, there may be cause to demonstrate software, presentations and other such screen-based content, for which a screen recorder is perfect.  Get yourself a good screen capture tool, and make the easy transition to Vlogging.

iMovie (Mac and iPhone)

One for the Apple crowd, iMovie has brought simple yet impressive post-production video editing to the masses.  Top and tail your videos with good looking intro and outro sequences - even set them to a different soundtrack.  Use scene transitions and effects, to give your videos a semi-professional finish, and lift yourself above the competition.


Viddy is like Instagram for video.  Limited to 15 second clips, this app allows you to capture quick snippets - easily digested by your audience - and great for the time-poor market.  Break your messages down into bite-sized pieces, and use this smartphone app to capture and share with your social networks.


You may wonder what a stock photo site is doing in this list, but don't let the name deceive you.  iStockPhoto also hosts a library of short video and audio clips, both of which you can employ in your videos.  Add a more professional air to your content, by slicing animation pieces into the mix, and adding a unique "theme tune".

Google+ Hangouts

Many people are now using Hangouts to conduct their video conferencing and coaching sessions, but only a relative  handful are using the "on air" facility to record their interactions, and have them auto-uploaded to their YouTube channel.  Think about the interviews and discussion pieces you could conduct over Hangouts, and what value that might add to your Blog, once embedded in your posts.

TubeMogul Oneload

Once you've got your video recorded, it can be a laborious task to upload it to your various video hosting profiles.  If you want great distribution, often you'll want to look beyond YouTube.  TubeMogul's OnleLoad facility allows you to distribute your video to multiple sites at once.  There's a one-time setup required, to connect your video profiles to the tool, after which you can easily distribute multiple videos to multiple sites, at the touch of a button.  There are also useful, centralised stats, on the number of views across platforms.

How are you employing Vlogging for your business?  Share your Vlogs in the comments, and let us know what tools you find most useful.