HubSpot Portal Audit Training

Welcome to Influence Agents' HubSpot Portal Audit Training.  The 6 videos below will walk you through the stages of auditing your portal activity across the primary stages of the inbound approach, with tips, actions and resources to help you optimise performance.

Training Sections

Introduction: HubSpot Portal Training

Step 1: Benchmarking Performance

Step 2: Attracting the Right Visitors

Step 3: Converting and Filtering Effectively

Step 4: Closing More Deals

Step 5: Delighting Customers for Retention & Referral


A short introduction to the training, what to expect, and a run-down of the modules to follow.

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Before you embark on a journey towards your traffic, lead generation and sales goals, it's important to note where you are right now.  We look at the metrics inside your portal, that show your current position, as well as ways to benchmark your business against others in your industry.

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The first stage of the traditional inbound buyer's journey, here we walk through some of the factors affecting your traffic (quantity and quality of visitors), including channels and ways to ensure the right profile of prospect reaches you from the first touch.

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If lead generation could be improved in your business, then this module on conversion should help.  We'll cover the types of content required for each specific persona at each stage of the buyer journey, and ways to filter out poor-fit prospects, to keep your portal "honest".



When leads reach the decision stage of the buyer journey, and become "sales ready", you'll want to ensure the right offer is in place, and that you (or your sales people) have the right information on hand, to make the sale a no-brainer.  In this video we'll cover how progressive profiling and segmentation can help you get there.

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The forgotten stage - in this video, we'll discuss how to use HubSpot to support your customer Delight activities, to ensure greater retention and referrability.  The long-term goal?  Reduce that all-important CPA for new business.

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