What is an Answer Engine?

An answer engine is a hybrid of site search and conversational chatbots designed to help your visitors get direct answers to their questions on your website.

We believe that it should be easy to quickly and efficiently answer your website visitors’ questions.

Instead of making your content passive, and hidden behind navigation menus, subpages, or chatbots, Frase turns your content into active, on-demand experiences that drive demand for your products and services. With the right strategy, you can be turning more site visitors into engaged, happy, and eager prospects.

Influence Agents and Frase have teamed up to transform the B2B web experience, and make access to your website content frictionless, through "answer engineering".


1. Crawl your site content

A crawl is a collection of web pages, which Frase uses to create an intelligent knowledge base.

An Answer Assistant can be connected to a specific crawl or multiple crawls.

2. Configure and train your Answer Engine

Once your Assistant is connected to a crawl, you can begin your evaluation.

Frase provides you with a testing environment to share with your team and analytics to help you identify topic gaps.

Once installed, Frase begins collecting data and provides real-time analytics on all interactions between your website visitors and your Answer Assistant.


3. Optimise your content

Identify topic gaps where your content is unable to answer certain questions and create the necessary content to fill the gaps.

Train answers to questions right in the platform and your Answer Assistant will automatically resolve semantically related questions in the future.

Take a look for yourself...


Want an Answer Engine of your very own?

Find out how our partnership with Frase can turn your chat bot into a fully optimised answer engine.

Your free 30-minute consultation can be conducted by phone, online or face-to-face. We'll focus on:

  • Understanding your current content landscape and site navigation
  • Embracing a question-driven content strategy
  • How to remove the pressure from live chat
  • Increasing conversions with answer funnels