3 Clever IFTTT Recipes for the Time-Poor Business Owner


If you're one of those business owners who subscribes to the idea that there just aren't enough hours in the day, and you still haven't found your way to IFTTT, then WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?! OK, so your "busy-ness" is justification enough for not even knowing about the clever little tool that is "If This Then That" ... you are hereby forgiven. Regardless, if you have time to read this post, yet you're still struggling to get your own social presence off the floor, here are just 3 of the ways in which IFTTT can help you maximise the time you spend in the online world.

RSS to Mail


So many of today's email clients have the ability to take RSS feeds - a syndication of content from your favourite blogs and websites - and display them, inbox-style, on your desktop. For some, though, that's just not disruptive enough. Why have more than one inbox, when you can have your favourite sites alert you to new posts and articles in your main email inbox? IFTTT let's you do just that. Having set up your RSS and email channels, feed it the RSS feed URL of your chosen blog or site, and any new stories will appear, as if by magic, before your very eyes. Nice!

Wordpress to Facebook Page

IFTTT Wordpress to Facebook Page

A great way to engage your Facebook fans, and to get them interacting on your blog, as well as your page, is to post links to interesting content - your own, preferably. But rather than have to take time out of your busy schedule, to grab your newly-created blog links, and create your post on Facebook, why not have IFTTT do all the work for you? Just set up your Wordpress and Facebook Page channels, and instruct IFTTT to create a "Link Post" every time a new post is added to your blog. Not only do your loyal Facebook fans now know all about your latest creation, but you haven't had to even visit Facebook ... now that has to be a bonus! ;o)

SMS to Buffer

IFTTT SMS to Buffer

Another feature of the time-poor entrepreneur is the inability to keep up to speed with latest technology, much less leverage it for greater business benefit. The good news is that, so long as you've mastered the art of sending a text message, IFTTT can turn your texts into tweets (and Facebook status updates). Just set up your SMS and Buffer channels, create your recipe, and whatever you send IFTTT as an SMS will be submitted to Buffer. As well as being sent to your Twitter and Facebook feeds, Buffer does so at the time it deems most likely to get a reaction from your fans and followers. Based on your past social updates, and the likes/retweets they generated, Buffer knows when you're most likely to cause the same kind of stir again. It will even line them up, to cover the next couple of days or more. Handy!

Take a very short break out of your schedule soon, to see what IFTTT might do for your social capital. A little effort up front, could save you oodles of time later!

Are you using IFTTT in your business? What are your favourite recipes? Please share below, so we can all have a good nose!

Matt Hodkinson

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