5 Conversion Rate Optimisation Tips from the Pro's


Marketing agencies and in-house teams constantly test the landing pages of their websites, trying to strike the balance between design and messaging, aiming to gain higher conversion rates - an improved number of visitors/prospects taking the next step in the customer journey. This is known as CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) and there are a number of tips given below which can help your business to achieve this optimal level, ultimately helping your customers to navigate around your website.

If your business can identify the visuals and colour combinations that appeal to your customers you’re already ahead of the game. There are a number of eye tracking agencies that specialise in developing everything from TV adverts to even monitoring the way that we look at shelves as we stroll around the supermarket. They ensure that customers are viewing the product in the way that marketers want them to be viewed. All of these insights into consumer behaviour can be applied to your business’s website.

There are some simple steps to keep in mind when designing a website that can increase its usability, making it easy for customers to gain information and increase your conversion rates:

  • Keep it simple! You need to lead your customer to where they need to get to, so try not to cram your pages full of text. If you are promoting a product, your customer’s eyes are naturally drawn to the centre of the screen, so make sure it’s the first thing that they see when arriving on your landing page.
  • If you are linking through to a PDF or another part of your website, position this link as close to the reference as possible. Customers shouldn’t have to chase around the screen for it.
  • Use vibrant images that jump out of the page to allure your customer’s eye to that part of the website. Always ensure that the image is topical so that it correlates with your message. This will decrease any confusion surrounding the message that you are portraying.
  • One of the cardinal sins for CRO is rotating offers (or carrousels). One of the main Conversion Rate Optimisation tips is to ban carrousels from your website as they look visually effective, but do not lead to an increase in conversion rates. The human eye reacts to movement and misses the key information as the window distracts them and the time in which the customer can consume the information is limited. Only static images should be displayed as usually only the first slide gets click-throughs. 
  • Keep the headings on your page as simply worded as possible. It’s tempting to use “jazzy” creative text that plays on words. However, this is confusing for customers when they’re just trying to learn what your company offers so take the no nonsense, straight forward approach.

Conversion rate optimisation is not all about design, and we'll cover more tactics for improving the effectiveness of your marketing funnel in future posts.  For the time-being, why not make a start by reviewing your own site against some of the criteria mentioned above?

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