5 things you must know about improving help desk and marketing relationship


Your help desk is the primary point of contact for your clients. There to provide solutions, assistance and general customer service. Which, of course, makes it a pretty important part of your operation. And a help desk with a reputation of excellence can be a valuable asset to the business. In a technology environment, the ability to deliver quality, efficient and professional help desk support can be a significant selling point for your services as a whole.

However, to fully capitalise upon the value of your help desk, a number of factors need to be maintained. The continued focus on best practices, for one. And integral relationships and open communication with other departments in the organisation.

In particular, with marketing. In this article, we’ll take a look at why improving the relationship between help desk and marketing can feed into the overall value of your business.

A United Front

An article from Brent Gleeson and Megan Rozo, published in Forbes in 2013, looks at inter-departmental relationships within businesses. Specifically, on the potential cost attached by poor communication or barriers between different parts of the business.

One of the key issues highlighted is how miscommunication (or simply no communication at all) can be detrimental by portraying a disjointed vision of the company.

Take the relationship between marketing and the help desk. By sharing the knowledge that each department has (from its various market research activities, client communication and feedback) can promote a consistent approach throughout the company. A motivational sense that all colleagues are on the same message, working towards common goals.

The Help Desk can be the font of priceless information

With the prevalence of online marketing comes the need for customer insight. And where better to glean this than from those at the coal face: your help desk?

What value resides in the recording and analysing the data that comes into the help desk?

  • Common Issues
  • Specific customer profiles
  • New trends within the industry

It’s data that’s simply gold dust for a marketing team. The ability to deliver contextual marketing to clients and prospects. As well as to drive more general online marketing. Be that keyword targeted articles, new social media campaigns or delivering greater focus to Pay-Per-Click adverting.

An Effective Help Desk Drives Profit

Your help desk is critical to the success of your business. According to a report from CEB, as much as 94% of customers suggest they would not return to a company in the face of poor customer service. Naturally, this places a huge emphasis on maintaining high levels of customer service through your help desk. However customer experience can be enhanced by offering a broader approach than just your help desk. Ensuring clients can receive equal and consistent support from sales and marketing as well, for instance.

Powering Social Media

Social media is becoming an increasingly high priority aspect of customer service. While the help desk remains a primary point of contact, sending queries via social networks is ever more common. Having your help desk collaborating with your social marketing team can help towards satisfactory and swift resolutions. Which can drive up to 40% increases in client revenue.

Understanding your own performance

A final consideration when it comes to heightened relations between marketing and the help desk is the ability to effectively utilise your own performance indicators. A help desk measuring its own first response resolutions, for instance, has a powerful message to be marketed when significantly high. When even a 1% improvement on first response performance can positively impact the bottom line, there becomes a powerful incentive for customer service and marketers alike.

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