How to Add a YouTube Subscribe Button to your Website or Blog


Typically, if you are planning on subscribing to any YouTube channel you would have to visit the main site and subscribe. However, there is a new option for site managers who want to add an embed button on their website, allowing interested visitors quicker access to your video content.  Take a look at how simple adding this subscriber button can be, and how you can customise it to fit your site branding and layout.

Choose a Button

YouTube offers three different designs for buttons that can be embedded on your website. These three options include:

    • The traditional ‘default’ button
    • The full layout button
    • The full layout button on a black background

Based on your website and the style of the content it hosts, you can decide on which button works best. Then, once you have chosen one, use YouTube Developer Tools to gain access to the code you will need, in order to proceed.

Generate your Code

From the YouTube Developer Tools page you will need to generate a code to add the button to your site. Click on “configure a button” and add in your channel’s name, then select the type of layout and theme that you want to use.  Once you have done this then your code will be generated to the right hand side of the screen. Then, all you have to do is copy it and paste it to your website, creating the clickable button your viewers can use.

Paid Channel Subscriptions

In the event that your website has a paid YouTube channel subscription, your button options are going to be different. Instead of the default button, you will have a green button that has a dollar sign on it. This is meant to help your followers see that your subscription isn’t free.

To implement your paid subscription button you can follow the same code generation process.

Keep in Mind…

Once you have implemented your one-click subscribe button, paid or unpaid, remember that you must follow the terms and conditions set forth by YouTube. To have your own subscribe button it must be clearly displayed on your site and there should be no incentives involved to get clicks on your site. You also must not use clicks on the button to track data from your site visitors.

It is certainly beneficial to read through all of the terms and conditions set forth by YouTube before you implement your new YouTube subscribe button.

Matt Hodkinson

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