Is this the Age of the Content Marketing Agency?


The days of attempting two way conversations and trying to keep up-to-date social media profiles and pages running just aren’t cutting it for businesses anymore. 65% of the population are made up of visual learners, customers want to be entertained and we’re now in the age where content is king. The aim of content marketing agencies should be to produce informational interesting videos, infographics, and the like, without the sales pitch heavily breathing down customer’s necks.

Cramming as many links into a piece of content is not the answer to a good ranking on Google anymore, so creating engaging videos or text really is the way to get ahead of competitors and capture your customer’s attention.

The only concern is when is it too much? Often content marketing agencies veer off-centre into a baffling world of anything eye catching that will be shared. The main focus when producing a content marketing campaign is to create captivating meaningful content that grips customers and compels them to share the content with their friends.

In-house teams now search for agencies that offer integrated marketing campaigns so that when they are creating content (the concept, production, seeding, monitoring and analysis), it is all done in one place. This means that content marketing agencies with different disciplines are converging to compliment and augment each other’s services and have a stronger offering when pitching to a client. Is this the age of the content marketing agency?

4 out of 5 marketing directors believe that custom content is the future of marketing so at Influence Agents we’ve pulled together a few key rules to create sharable, easy to consume content:

  1. Don’t feel pressurised to make video too abstract. Viewers will respond better to simple concepts. Over complicated, hard to follow video and static visuals can be confusing.
  2. Try to create topical video, which resonates with your key audience.
  3. Don’t ever produce a video for the sake of it. Videos produced to a high spec can be expensive, make sure that it links back to your brand and product/ service, but also that it fits the target demographic.
  4. Seed your video by sending it to relevant blogs (you can also advertise on publication’s websites using pay per click or send the video to journalists who write about that subject) to get more links to your website; this will increase the value of your SEO.
  5. Make it easy to share, by adding links to social media pages and profiles at the end of the video by using YouTube Channel Art.
  6. Market video through your own social media pages and incentivise your followers to share the video with their friends.

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Matt Hodkinson

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