Can Facebook Fuel Your B2B Lead Generation?


facebook-b2b-lead-generationI started writing this post with the intention of answering the question over the course of the following paragraphs, but found instead that I had written a number of ways to MAKE Facebook work for your B2B lead generation.  You see, the simple answer to the question in the title is a resounding YES!  You see, B2B is still about P2P, and every corner of business is represented on Facebook.  It then comes down to what you do, in order to find (or be found) and to engage them, sufficient to generate the leads you desire.

Start with content

You're going to struggle to generate any kind of leads without having a resource library of content to share with your fans and would-be fans, on a regular basis - to establish yourself as the thought leader, and the one business in your industry that deserves the clickthrough and subsequent enquiry.

  1. Start to build a stock-pile of blog posts, presentations, ebooks, templates, infographics, videos, podcasts, webinars - whatever you feel most confirtable in creating, or that you can easily create via employees or freelancers.
  2. Solve REAL problems - Identify the underlyinng pain in your target market, and the solutions you provide.  Without giving away ALL your IP, think about ways you can solve some of the more common problems your fans will face, or at least position yourself as the person or company that can ease the pain better than anyone else.
  3. Repurpose - Take all the presentations, whitepapers and articles you've written in the past, and think about the many ways you can repurpose or spin that content to benefit your audience via digital channels.  You may have a slide deck that forms the basis of a script for a video or audio piece.  Similarly, a video can be easily transcribed to form a blog series or eBook.

Mix it up

Don't make your timeline ALL about you and your stuff.  Mix up the content sharing and lead capture opportunities with posts intended to simply engage the audience, and perhaps inject some fun into proceedings.

  1. Post "light", easily-digested content - absent of links & calls to action - simply to get likes, shares and comments.  This will extend the reach of your posts, fuelling increased brand awareness, and perhaps generating some page likes into the bargain.
  2. Go for fluff ... every now and then.  Reach and engagement are just as important to your strategy as clicks and conversions.


 Top Tips for the Top 5 Social Newtwork

Set goals, then optimise

For EVERY post that you distribute via your page, have an outcome in mind.  Even for the "fluff" posts, think about the levels of engagement you hope to reach, and make it your aim to reach those targets.  Set similar goals for your lead generation efforts, too.  Just how many leads can you generate via Facebook, based on current performance, and what levels would you wish to reach, in order to justify your efforts in maintaining a Facebook presence at all?

  1. Use insights and click tracking to learn what engages, and what generates the leads.
  2. Do more of what works, drop what doesn't, and brainstorm new ideas to improve reach and conversions even further.
  3. Make it a game, and challenge those that create and sgare you content for you, to continually optimise and improve the performance of their creations.

Don't believe the hype about Facebook's algorithms making it impossible to reach your fans.  Instead, use the techniques above to grow your audience and influence sufficient to make the numbers work for you, on your terms.

Matt Hodkinson

About the author: Matt Hodkinson

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