How Are You Feeling? Facebook Needs To Know


If there are changes afoot in social media of late - and we know there have been - then what's certain is that Facebook have been more responsible than most.  Following on from Zuck's "3 Pillars" speech, there has been much for the social media enthusiast to ponder.  Changes are still being rolled out, to Timeline and the News Feed, with Graph Search (more on that later) still to make it to many an outpost.  The latest and most obvious change comes to the humble status update.  It seems that the free-form ramblings are no longer sufficient to satiate the appetite of your "friends", so it's time to add another dimension ... or 6, to be exact!

In scenes reminiscent of the early Get Glue format, Facebookers are invited to share what they're feeling, watching, listening to, eating, drinking, or reading.  Now, you may be thinking "So what?  I could just post those things in my update anyway, and have been for the past 7 or 8 years!".  That's all very well, but the free-flowing and free hand musings you've been posting haven't been formatted in such a way as to fuel the 3rd pillar of Facebook's master plan!  As we reported in January, Graph Search relies on you being more social, in order to tell the search engine what you've liked, where you've been, what you've read, watched and listened to.  This augmentation of the status update is designed to do just that.  No longer will Facebook have to rely on your good nature and presence of mind to check in at those restaurants.  A simple status update - something we do far more frequently that checking in - will be sufficient.

As a business, you may wish to consider how the sharing habits, under the Graph Search regime, impacts your ability to permeate the news feeds of your customers.  Own a restaurant?  How can you encourage more fans to share what they're eating, where, more often?

When can we expect to see the updated update?  As is usually the case, the US get to benefit first, prior to a rollout to us "outposts" in the coming weeks and months.  If you're a cousin from across the pond, and have access to the revised format, why not drop us a comment with your early experiences?  What have you shared recently, that perhaps you wouldn't have before?  We'd love your thoughts.

Matt Hodkinson

About the author: Matt Hodkinson

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