Taking the Guesswork Out of Social Update Scheduling


Businesses and marketers used to have to sing for their social media supper. A lot of guesswork, trial and error was required, in order to judge the best times at which to publish your social updates, tweets and posts. Getting a better response from fans and followers - inciting the engagement actions required to improve reach - used to be a laborious task. With the advent of a number of auto-scheduling tools, however, those days are long gone, and the stats show a resounding success in the quest for improved engagement. Here's 2 such tools to look out for:



Buffer provides the perfect balance between authentic, manual updating of your social profiles, and the automation that many of us seek, in order to better manage the time we spend on social sites. Updates to Facebook and Twitter are submitted to your "buffer", which then holds the update until the next most optimal timt to post. Optimal, in this context, refers to the time at which you are most likely to get a like, share, retweet, mention, etc. This is based on historic data - the updates you've posted in the past, and the subsequent action taken by your audience. The Buffer plugin for Chrome is useful for "buffering" on the fly, as you navigate Facebook and Twitter.



Hootsuite has always been an important tool in the social marketing locker, but last year's addition of autoscheduling has added further credence to the cause. Rather than manually selecting the date/time at which you want your posts to go, you can choose to autoschedule certain posts, which invokes a Buffer-style holding of the post until the next optimal timeslot. You can view the time chosen by Hootsuite, by viewing the publishing schedule, which takes some of the guesswork out, and ensures you don't encroach upon other, manually scheduled updates.

See what results you get from autoscheduling versus your manual posting approach. What success have you had, in rainsing your engagement stats?

Matt Hodkinson

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