Qualifying Prospects with Content (Part 1)


ManWithCrownSmAre you a "big numbers" chaser?  One of those people and businesses for whom more and more traffic is the ultimate prize?  More traffic to your website equals more leads, and ultimately more sales and revenue for your business ... right?  Well, not always!  Many have spent their entire business existence doing just that - making traffic the holy grail of theor marketing activity, then scratching their heads when conversions remain low.  Why is this?

They forgot "Quality".

Quality always trumps quantity, when it comes to lead generation.  Would you rather have 10,000 site visitors each month, 10 of whom are potential purchasers, or 50 visitors, all of whom have a valid and more tangible desire to download, to read your blog, to pore over your case studies, and ultimately, to buy you or your products?  It's one thing to go out and source traffic from the right places, but often we are bound by the content we share - it's the blog posts and titles themselves that get the click-through, so how can content itself be the mechanism by which we pre-qualify traffic and leads?


Keywords are still one of the most important factors in hitting the correct target - be it via organic search, PPC advertising or social media.  The tools still exist, to prove that you're using the terminology that matches that of your target personas, so be sure to seek out the most appropriate and in-demand keywords before embarking on your content creation journey.


Understand the buyer persona inside-out - their pains and desires, their goals in life and business - then title your content accordingly.  Quite often, you'll need to help them identify themselves as the target reader/participant in this relationship, and the title of your blog post, your eBook, application, or whatever it might be, is the first and most disruptive opportunity you might get.  Be bold, and be explicit, to ensure the right prospect clicks through.  If you were an insurance broker, looking to serve more small business owners in their need for business-related insurance cover, would you garner information about the prospect using an eBook entitled "A Guide to Small Business Insurance" or one entitled "9 Ways High Street Retailers can Turn a Safer Store into 20% Higher Footfall"?


You still need to give yourself a chance of the content being seen by the right prospects at source.  Niching through content titles and subject matter is one thing - also consider seeding your offer where prospects are most concentrated.  Don't be tempted by the big numbers of the big social networks, but instead by the quality of those who are most engaged - often found in niche communties, message boards anf forums.  Consider looking in open groups on LinkedIn and Facebook, Communities on Google+, but also in the more tucked-away areas, which should be easily found with a well-constructed search.

I hope that's given you plenty to consider about the importance of pre-qualification through content.  Look out for Part 2, when I'll discuss Progressive Profiling!

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Matt Hodkinson

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