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Sharing has become a way of life in the 21st century; never before in history have we shared so much information with so many other people in so many different ways. And social media sharing is a massive contributor to that; a huge number of us share on a plethora of social media multiple times a day.

If social media was solely focused on the sharing of recent holiday pics or that crisp shaped like Jesus or even the aftermath of Smithy’s stag-do then there would be very little need to shout. But sharing on social media has become far more than that; it has become a central part of our professional lives too. How often has your employer asked you to promote their latest post on LinkedIn? How about that blog post your colleague wrote to demonstrate his knowledge of SEO that he’s been tweeting about all week? And that goes without mentioning the effort you’ve been putting into the Facebook page for your friend’s latest arts-and-crafts-based venture. To be successful in business these days, it seems that social media and sharing on it has become an unavoidable step. But that cacophony of shared noise has made it infinitesimally more difficult to be heard in a world where everyone is made to shout.

So what’s the solution?

Shout louder? Shout ‘smarter’ (whatever that means)? Or how about asking other people to shout along with you?

The collaborative, co-operative nature of freelancers and other independents is what led us to start SharersNetwork, a free-to-use, reciprocal tweet-sharing platform. A flirtation with freelancing and time spent with an independents’ network in early 2015 led me to realise two things that would become the heart of SharersNetwork:

  1. Freelancers and independents seem more willing to help each other professionally than salaried workers
  2. Delivering your message as an independent is inextricably tied to the free marketing space of social media

So why not look to harness both of those elements to create a platform of mutual benefit? And we did. As a trip to will show you, retweeting someone else’s tweet earns you the right to put your own out in front of our network.

The journey that has brought us to this point began over eight months ago with a proposition to an ex-colleague who became a co-founder and a quiet meeting in a Kew Green pub with Matt to help shape our MVP.

Months of graft, mistakes, bootstrapping and absolute howlers have since then brought us to the cusp of glory (or at least the beginnings of a functioning tweet-sharing community). So we’re now in the process of telling absolutely anyone who uses Twitter and will give us the time of day that we’re the place to go to increase your Twitter reach.

We all know that social media sharing is here to stay but now it could hold the key to your next job, your next customer or even your next start-up adventure. So come to, bring your Twitter handle, and see what we can do for you.

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Matt Hodkinson

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