#SophiesChoice - 1 week, 3 big platforms, 3 big changes.


Whether it be new features, new styling or new functionality, it is often so difficult to keep track of what is going on takes time and energy that we would really rather not give up. However, as a business, if you can keep up-to-date, or even know about changes before they take place, you will have that all-important advantage against your competitors. After all, 'the early bird gets the worm' - though I've never been much of a morning person...

So, here are 3 big changes by 3 big platforms that have graced the news this week:

1. Facebook - The thumbs-down to 'like-baiting'facebook_thumbs_down

Facebook has been rolling out it's new look slowly over the last month, and as usual, everyones is seemingly unimpressed with the changes to the design. So far, design has been the main thing affected, however, Facebook has announced a new update this week that aims to see the end of what it sees as spammy posts. This means that posts explicitly asking for actions such as 'likes' 'shares' or 'comments' will be seen less in the News Feed, and also acts on repeated content and 'spammy' links.

Now hopefully this can only mean good things. If your content is better, it is more likely to be seen over your competitors - quality over quantity seems to be the theme. However, it will be interesting to see how this affects branded posts - could this be another move by Facebook to get more brands to pay for ads? It is definitely worth keeping this in mind when creating new content, not to give Facebook any more excuses to lower post reach below the already catastrophically low 3%

2. Twitter - A not so fresh look for the future


Twitter has announced it will be following in Facebook's footsteps soon with a new re-design. It seems, sadly, that Twitter will be following Facebook even more closely. Their new layout looks almost identical to Facebook's own, and with new features, such as pinned posts (I mean tweets), bigger pictures and a wider banner photo, Twitter is definitely having some identity problems.

None of this should worry businesses though - Facebook is old-hat by now. Do watch the space for the changes, though. If you take advantage of the new features, your brand will be more likely to stand out, and if not, well your content may be lost entirely.

inkedin_chocolates3. LinkedIn - No more product pages

LinkedIn has announced the end of its products and services tabs. If your business has a company page, the product pages tab will be no more as of 14th April.  According to LinkedIn, it likes to review features on a regular basis to streamline the service, but this move is certainly a sad day for those already using their product pages to good effect.

There will always be more ways to get engagement on the platform, and Showcase Pages might be a good fit. Introduced at the end of last year, it provides companies with the option of an alternative feed that related directly to a specific product or service.

And as a little weekend treat...

For anyone who hasn't had this posted on their news feed this week, or for those who haven't taken the time to click, check out the link below...


What do you think of the changes? More opportunities for improvement or just moves by the social giants to make social media marketing more difficult?

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