Using LinkedIn Showcase Pages to Drive Engagement


LinkedIn is traditionally used to recruit employees, network with other businesses/ professionals and communicate with potential clients. You can develop a user friendly profile to announce corporate news, advertise jobs, let customers see who is in their network from your company and share information about your products and services.

One of the barriers that companies have faced in the past is that their page outlines the business but acts more like a holding page rather than going into detail about their products. LinkedIn encourages businesses to develop a professional page, using targeted techniques with potential customers/ employees, to make it easy for customers to engage with your brand.

LinkedIn has now unveiled a free and simple function to help businesses efficiently share useful and relevant content. Showcase Pages were launched on LinkedIn last week and in essence this update helps businesses to publish their content on a product page instead of on a company page.

The main benefits of this alteration are:

  • Your business can now create a stronger relationship with a specific audience, who are interested in one particular aspect of your business.
  • Showcase Pages position your content in front of your desired audience by taking into account the end user’s interests, creating a more focused online marketing campaign.
  • Businesses can create up to ten showcase pages for free so if you have a large product/service offering you won’t have to summarise everything on one page, but instead build detailed pages for each.
  • LinkedIn users can “follow” your page so that they can keep up-to-date with the product that they are interested in.
  • Showcase Pages come with an analytics tool, so that you can analyse to what degree potential customers are engaging with your product or service.
  • All of the Showcase Pages link back to your company page so that all your offerings are in one place instead of customers having to trawl through LinkedIn pages for scattered posts and snippets of information about your company.
  • The new showcase function allows businesses to advertise on their pages so that you can combine great content with your main adverts and promotional offers. This approach will ultimately drive up awareness of your brand to LinkedIn users who are interested in that given subject.
  • It is easy to create a Showcase Page, you just need to go to your company page, click on “Manage”, then “Edit” and finally “Create Showcase Page”.

The following example highlights how this update helps to drive relevant content to customers on LinkedIn. If your law firm offers a broad number of services but you specifically want to connect with large companies that are looking to outsource their corporate law, you may want to create a LinkedIn Showcase page just for your corporate law department. This will position your firm as an expert in that field and this can become one of many service offerings under your company page. A law firm will be able to share content with businesses that have shown an interest in corporate law rather than those that have just followed the company.

LinkedIn users will not be able to physically see these changes; however it can help any business to offer customers information about their brand in a targeted and more effective way. Customers will see the area of your business, which is most interesting and informational to them, leading to a more positive experience with your brand.

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