Using Reddit to Boost Your Website Traffic


RedditReddit seems to be the forgotten about social media page for businesses. However, with 85,901,746 unique visitors last month a business that joins in the conversation effectively can increase their traffic to their website by simply getting involved in forum conversations.

Creators of Reddit developed the site as a sharing platform so that users could get involved in all sorts of weird and wacky topical chats. This site is primarily for those to share their opinions and passions online in a forum style environment (each topic is called a “sub-reddit”). The users rank content that is posted so that the best posts organically move to the top of the page and more trivial information descends to the depths.

The sub-reddits that you post on already have a huge following and this is a great platform to create a targeted campaign as you will be targeting users who have already shown an interest in the topic.

The users on the site remain anonymous, so conversation is a lot more open and engaging as true thoughts are shared. Reddit poses a real opportunity for businesses who want to increase the exposure of their company and drive traffic to its website.

We have listed some tips below to keep in mind to ensure that your business can make the most of Reddit without any nasty surprises:

  • The biggest advantage for businesses is that the exposure you can obtain for your brand could skyrocket your website traffic. However, be careful not to get lost in the crowd – if you content is not engaging it can very easily slip to the bottom of the sub-reddit that you are posting on. Only post on Reddit if you feel that it will add to the conversation.
  • If you do not constantly engage on Reddit there is a chance that your brand can be forgotten about.
  • Some sub-reddits have strict rules on what can be posted on the topic, so be careful to make sure that your content is completely relevant. The website welcomes businesses, as long as they share genuine good quality content and do not spam its users.
  • The majority of Reddit’s users are university educated males who live in the United States, although the UK audience is increasing rapidly. One of Reddit’s main features is “AMA”s (Ask Me Anything). These sessions see the likes of Barack Obama, Bill Gates and Tony Hawk take to stage and users can pose questions to the celebrities, enabling them to have much more in depth and informal chat than would ever be possible on Twitter or Facebook. If you are working with a well-known figure, you may want to set up an AMA and engage with this celebrity to increase awareness of your brand.
  • Internet trolls are prolific on Reddit so be aware of this if you feel that your content may in any way be controversial and especially try to refrain from posting irrelevant information onto a very specific sub-reddit.

Like many content curation and aggregation platforms, Reddit requires on-going participation and an authentic approach, to make it worthwhile. For many businesses, this will be an additional draw on their time that they simply cannot justify.  For some, though, the effort will be rewarded with untold levels of traffic, and opportunities, provided the right prospects get visibility of the right message.

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Matt Hodkinson

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