5 Reasons why we're not the right agency for your business

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... and 5 reasons why we might just be!

Over the past 7+ years of working with a whole variety of customers, refining our niche, our processes and general strategic approach, we've learned a few things about what makes a successful working relationship and how to get the very best results, together.

If I say it's all been plain sailing, I'd be lying.  Like many businesses, we probably tried to run before we could walk, accepted clients that weren't a good fit for us - either we didn't have the industry expertise, or there wasn't sufficient budget to allow for the results expected - we failed to set realistic expectations or were swayed too easily by customer demands, rather than sticking to our expert guns.  In short, things didn't always pan out, and in most cases it boiled down to one thing... we shouldn't have been working together in the first place!

With that in mind, how useful would it be to have a list of criteria, so that anyone seeking the help of an inbound partner can see just how they mesh with our principals, values, and way of working?  Let us begin!

We're not the right fit for you if...

... you ignore expert advice, but still expect the results

Successful customers see results because they trust in the approach, know exactly what to expect (and when) and only accept deviations from the plan when it's justified and accepted by all parties.  If you're the type to force through your own agenda and ideas at the expense of expert, proven advice from true specialists, we politely suggest you hire a good personal or virtual assistant.

... you don't believe your website can generate more sales

If you think you've tried everything, when it comes to digital marketing, and are of the firm belief that your website is incapable of bringing more paying customers to your door, or are more interested in throwing money at cold calling or bought lists, then there are plenty of agencies that provide that service.  We're not one of them.

...you don't have buy-in from the whole management team

We're about growth, and we hope you are, too.  When it comes to growing a business, it's important that all the players are accepting of the approach being adopted, especially where there's an investment of time and money required, in achieving agreed goals.  Whilst marketing, lead generation and/or sales might be "your baby", we need the whole team to be on board before we get started.  We can help answer every concern, question and justification required, right up-front.

... you have unrealistic ROI targets

Looking for £1M in new business this year?  Great!  Want to do it on a £500/month budget?  These aren't the marketing droids you're looking for!  As a point of reference, we've delivered over 800% return, annually, in some cases.  If that's healthy enough for you, let's talk.

... you don't expect homework

You (probably) work in technology, so you've probably heard the adage "garbage in, garbage out", right?  It's the same when growing a business.  Feed us with the right information (don't worry, we'll ask all the right questions), and we'll deliver results.  If you're expecting someone to guess at the inner workings of your business, your products and services, and the deepest-rooted thoughts of your buyers, we wish you well on your journey!

We might just be a GREAT fit for you if...

... you're an ambitious B2B Tech business with current turnover of £2M+ (or closing in on that level), with a GREAT product or service to sell to more lucky buyers

When partnering with our customers, we help them to get firm on the perfect profile of buyer for their solutions, and to use age-old marketing parlance, we "eat our own dog food"!  Our products are an excellent fit for the B2B IT and tech crowd, especially if your customer lifetime value (CLV) is in the tens or hundreds of thousands.  If you're not in this bracket, but still wish to understand how we operate, get in touch.  If we can't help, we can often refer you to trusted partners that can serve you better than we can.

... you appreciate a strategic approach

Our customers appreciate the clarity and tangibility we bring to marketing and sales.  Our plans are documented and agreed with you in advance of any work commencing, and though we remain flexible on our ongoing services, we have a strategy that works for this, our chosen niche.  If you're used to paying for activity, or have been left in the dark as to what your agency partner is delivering for you, let's talk.

... you can scale without compromising service levels

Our customers offer an excellent product and/or service, and if we're to help you bring more great-fit customers to your door, we must be sure that you can maintain those high levels of satisfaction.  If you're already at breaking point when it comes to delivery and client management, we're not about to help you "break the wheel".  If you have an expansion plan in place, however, or plenty of capacity for more work, let's plot a course together.

... you value assets over activity

We don't charge by the hour.  That's a broken model, which places emphasis on the time-for-money model and actually incentises inefficiency.  Our model works by charging for assets, so you can be sure that you see the fruits of your investment - tangible deliverables, rather than a timesheet and invoice.

... you're looking for a partner, not a supplier

We want to work with customers that see us as an extension to their team, not merely a supplier.  This approach ensures that all parties are bought in, that there's a culture match, and that our desired outcomes are aligned.  As a partner, we'll ensure that the lines of communication are always open - the key to achieving growth together.

Still with us?  Get in touch, to find out how our Prospect Activation services can help you achieve your growth goals in the months and years to come.

Matt Hodkinson

About the author: Matt Hodkinson

Chief Exec Agent, veteran inbound and social marketer, having spent the prior 17+ years spent in the Tech industry. Matt is often annoying colleagues with classic house music and 80's movie quotes. Family and friends delight in exclaiming... "Haven't seen you on TV for a while, Matt"!