5 Things to Do After Attending Our Inbound Breakfast Seminar

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So you've attended one of Influence Agents' now-famous Inbound Marketing and Sales Breakfast Seminars.  Bags of content, no-doubt lots of notes, a belly full of breakfast, and possibly some confusion over what to do next!

Fear not. Here's our suggestions for 5 things you should do, to ensure you get the most from your recent brush with everything inbound...

1. Capture and share your actions

Accountability is a huge part of making progress on any actions and goals you set for yourself, and it's especially important after seminars and workshops, when your mind will be overflowing with ideas and takeaways.  With the best intention of implementing your ideas as quickly as possible, the reality can often be that "business as usual" takes over, and your best-laid-plans take a back seat.

Dramatically improve your chances of seeing your ideas take shape by writing up your actions and ideas, and sharing them with colleagues.  Diarise time to go into your goals in more detail, and instruct those you respect to hold you accountable.  Delegation can often help achieve some of the more practical steps you have planned, and even the smallest early wins can create momentum that carries you on a path towards huge progress.

Action:  Document and share your goals, and diarise an accountability session with a trusted colleague

2. Spread the word, internally

We cover a number of strategies and tactics that span the borders between "marketing" and "sales", meaning that some of your ideas may fall under the responsibility of other departments and individuals.  Getting buy-in to your ideas, and the wider concept of inbound, can be a challenge, and there is often an educational element required, in order for others to align themselves with your vision.

Consider arranging a workshop, internally, and bring in a consultant to unify your organisation's approach to new business, retention and referral.  All available customer-facing staff, including sales, customer service and marketing can contribute to a process that better defines your buyer personas, the narrative of why they buy into your offering, and your goals for customer and sales success.

Action:  Unify the thinking of your sales and marketing teams, educate them on the virtues of an inbound approach, and consider arranging a workshop to define your organisation's strategy for the next year and beyond.  Speak to Influence Agents about workshop facillitation today.


3. Evaluate your strategy

If you already have a documented and agreed inbound strategy for your business, then perhaps some of the concepts discussed at the seminar have brought new thinking to this approach.  Strike while the iron's hot, and use this opportunity to evaluate your existing strategy for areas of weakness, or opportunities for improvement.

We often discuss real-world tactics that have allowed companies to lift the performance and quality of lead generation campaigns, as well as qualification and sales process optimisation.  Perhaps some of your planned acticity can be tweaked to improve performance, or emerging technologies offer a chance for boosting results.  Whatever stood out of the seminar content for you, is likely to be absent from your existing strategy, so consider starting there.

Action:  Diarise a review session for your existing strategy, or if you're yet to formalise your approach to inbound marketing and sales, talk to Influence Agents about our Prospect Activation Playbook.

4. Provide valuable feedback

Our seminar content is a fluid, ever-evolving beast.  In addition, every time we run the seminar, we learn more and more about our delegates, their information needs, and the challenges they face.  As such, we value any and all feedback on the seminars that we run - everything from the venue and logistics, to the content, case studies and examples... even the breakfast!

Action:  Whatever your experience, please get in touch with your valued comments on how the event went for you, and your suggestions for making it even better in future.


5. Get the right one-to-one advice, and plot a course for success with inbound

We may have laboured the point already, but if you are ready to take your inbound marketing and sales efforts and results to a higher level, we'd love the opportunity to help you.

Are any of the following on your agenda for the coming months?

  • Attracting higher volume of qualified leads
  • Improving the quality of your inbound leads
  • Learning more about HubSpot
  • Creating a documented Inbound Strategy
  • Adopting an inbound approach to Sales
  • Bringing more marketing activity in-house
  • Educating the wider team about Inbound

As with the seminars themselves, there's no big sales pitch - just a genuine desire to help in any way we can, so get in touch.

Thanks again for joining us.  The very best of luck in all your inbound efforts, and in implementing some (hopefully) new-found strategies for digital domination!

Matt Hodkinson

About the author: Matt Hodkinson

Chief Exec Agent, veteran inbound and social marketer, having spent the prior 17+ years spent in the Tech industry. Matt is often annoying colleagues with classic house music and 80's movie quotes. Family and friends delight in exclaiming... "Haven't seen you on TV for a while, Matt"!