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It's possible I'm not doing this right.  State-side readers, forgive me - I'm addressing my UK brethren in this post.  If the following holds true, you'll be far too busy to read this, anyway.

Black Friday is, in a way, quite baffling to me.   I get the whole notion of how it came about.  Americans everywhere, in a less-than-ideal state to be hitting the shops just a few hours after Thanksgiving, need a lot of persuasion.  Massive discounts are a big draw, especially smack in the middle of Christmas shopping season (unless you're me, in which case such activities begin on December 24th and no sooner)!  

What baffles me is why this phenomenon has crossed the pond, where "Black Friday" is just another Friday, following just another Thursday.  I didn't chow down on roast turkey, yams and pecan pie yesterday (more's the pity) and I'm guessing 99% of the UK population didn't, either.  The attitude it brings out in the most placid people, too, is a mystery.  As my good friend Jon Street quipped in a recent email, it's... " A day where Asda's up and down the country are filled with grannies headbutting children and ripping the last 4K TV box out of their hands".

>More than that, it's the incessant influx of lazy email shots that sends me loopy.  Why is it that marketers and advertisers think that their email will stand apart from the 57 (and counting) others that are vying for my attention in a 24-hour period?

Have the winners in marketing ever been those that shouted loudest?

Standing out

Success in marketing isn't just about standing out from the crowd, of course, but if your positioning is based on the premise that you can drop your prices substantially on an arbitrary day, still make margin, and snag a few customers that for 364 days of the year paid you no heed, then something's fundamentally wrong.

So ask yourself, what is it that truly make you not just different, but the ONLY choice in your specific niche, sector or region?  Great marketing closes the door, in the prospects mind, to any other option (including taking no action whatsoever) - nothing to do with price - and often successfully attaches itself to one of 3 core tenets or customer desires...

  • More money
  • More time
  • Less stress

If your solutions speak to one or more of those desires, then it only remains for you to close out the mere possibility of any other solution delivering what you can, and you're a food way to securing a new customer on the right terms, with the right level of buy-in, and with your credibility in tact.

Oh, by the way, for today only, we're raising the price of everything at Influence Agents by 50%.  Same great value, but for a much higher investment.

... or if you can wait, check back Monday for an even better deal!

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