Understanding the components of an effective B2B social media strategy

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As a small business owner, you have likely learned that there is value in social media and collaboration with other professionals like yourself. The ability to share ideas, learn about successes and failures and network all in one place can help you to build a brand and make a name for yourself as an expert in your niche. So, what does it take to truly implement an effective B2B social media strategy that can get you all of these results?

Take a look at some of the most important components your B2B strategy needs to have in order to make the most of social media and boost your business name in the process.

    • Become an influential leader in your niche – One of the goals of your social media communications should be to establish yourself as someone that others can look to for sound, expert advice in your niche. Remember that even through social media you should always present yourself as a knowledgeable professional in your field.
    • Be relatable with all content that you share – Remember who your audience is when you share comments and post on other business pages. You want to establish yourself as an approachable, sound person that others can share their ideas and opinions with at all times.
    • Make sure that you share relevant content – Your audience doesn’t want to know about irrelevant information.  That would be like going to your dentist for advice on redesigning your home!  Anything that you share via social media should be relevant to the niche in which you are an expert.
    • Dedicate time to your strategy – If you want to be successful in the world of social media you have to move at its rapid pace. Posting to your Blog, or sharing relevant information, needs to be done consistently (consistency wins over frequency), and your overall online presence should be made stronger on a daily basis.
    • Don’t overlook the possibility of generating new leads – Anytime you gain new followers or are ‘liked’, this is a lead opportunity. Encourage other professionals to visit your site, join your e-mail list and recommend it to others who might be interested in learning more. Remember to not be forceful, or too much like a used car salesman, but to encourage followers that it’s a great way to get more great information from you and your business.  This will only go to support your position as expert and “trusted advisor”.
    • Create compelling calls to action – When closing your posts or sharing information with others on your social media profiles, don’t forget to create a call to action. Ask others to comment, share their suggestions, or implement your recommendations within their business as well. By encouraging others to act you are more likely to generate leads and build relationships with other business professionals.
    • Develop a measurement system for your success – Gauge your B2B social media strategy success by creating a system of measurements for your accounts. Don’t just look at the “vanity metrics” of more fans, followers, likes and Retweets, but also at the number of email subscribers, leads generated, and conversions beyond.  This all goes to support the most important business metric of all – the bottom line!

Keep in mind when you implement your B2B social media strategy that you are going to want to stick to your strategy for at least a few months to see results. A few days or a week isn’t enough to determine if your strategy is truly functioning in your favour. So long as you utilise these components, don’t try to be overly sales oriented with others, and learn from your hits and misses, you can start to build a lasting relationship with other businesses in your market.

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Matt Hodkinson

About the author: Matt Hodkinson

Chief Exec Agent, veteran inbound and social marketer, having spent the prior 17+ years spent in the Tech industry. Matt is often annoying colleagues with classic house music and 80's movie quotes. Family and friends delight in exclaiming... "Haven't seen you on TV for a while, Matt"!