The First 6 Things to do About Your Business's Digital Presence

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Standing out from the digital crowd requires a certain finesse; an eloquence in presentation, an elegance of voice, a digital dexterity - that same finesse with which you built your business and plied your wares to the right people, in the right way, at the right time. Digital presence involves more than a static website. Think angle, think approach and remember that managing and maintaining a digital presence is underpinned by a simple, timeless tenet of business success: provide something of value.

1. Start From Today

You can contract and outsource but the grist for your digital mill will come from your passion for communicating your business. The first thing to do is to utilize all the materials and insights you've gathered over the years, turning them into compelling content.


  • Re-purposing white papers, presentations, case studies and research as articles or blog posts
  • Mining internal communications for industry insights and information
  • Serialising chapters of a company eBook

2. Plan, Prepare, Perform

You'll have discovered a wealth of material you can use to keep your digital presence active. Now you want to know how best to use them.

There are three key things to consider:

  1. Your goal: your approach will differ depending on your goal. Do you want to convert leads into sales, or simply increase brand awareness? Clearly define your aims, and your KPIs.
  2. Your schedule: release your materials over time, creating a social calendar. Arrange those articles around the dates of important events, promotions and announcements. Schedule them so you don't have to lift a finger later.
  3. Your company voice: create a style guide so others can help maintain your presence. You need your employees to know the rules of communication, ensuring consistency and an easily identifiable company voice.

3. Engage Your Client/Customer Base

The success of your digital presence relies firstly on quality content and secondly on your ability to engage your customers.

  • Invite feedback
  • Create competitions
  • Use testimonials and anecdotes

Engender a loyalty to your business and brand; let your customers see and feel their impact.

4.Design; Evolve

You now have materials, a plan and some idea of how your customers are engaging with your content. You can use these vital insights to better design your existing website and social media channels so that they are fit for your purposes.

Remember that your digital presence is your digital shop front. It makes an instant impression, and it's worth investing in something that looks and performs well. Ask your client base what features they would like to see, or hold a design competition.

5. Stay Active

Many digital marketing efforts slump after an initial burst of inspiration and energy. Remember that a little activity over time creates momentum. Keep at it.

  • Share social conversations that promote your products
  • Share industry news as you receive it through your news feed or inbox
  • Ask questions: what do your customers want to see, to know, to get from your digital presence?

6. Optimisation and Growth

You need to know the impact your digital presence is having. Chances are that your website includes analytics. You'll also want to know how well your email marketing and communication is performing, and how well your social media channels are performing.

There are many different dashboards and services for measuring the impact of digital presence. It's essential to get to know some of them thoroughly.

Armed with a wealth of valuable information and resources, you can improve your digital presence with ease. Knowing your business is one thing, but finding ways to communicate it in a way that inspires engagement is an ongoing learning process.  

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