Going beyond ebooks - 3 innovative ways to generate leads in B2B tech

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No matter how well your current lead generation tactics are working, it’s always a good idea to keep things fresh and explore new options.

Whether you’re trying to keep one step ahead of the competition, or you just want to try out something new, the three techniques we’ve listed here will help you to branch out from ebooks and blog posts and find new customers.

Video Marketing

Online video content is already huge - though we know that’s no surprise. According to HubSpot, most of us watch at least 1.5 hours of video every day, and many of us watch much more than that. That’s partly why video marketing makes so much sense for businesses today.

Again according to HubSpot, 81% of people admit being convinced to buy something by video. Crucially, 95% of people have used video to help learn more about a product or topic - and that’s where B2B lead generation can occur.

Whether you opt for longer videos covering complex topics or do a series of ‘quick tip’ shoots, producing videos that explain tech topics or that sell the virtues of your product can be a great way to engage viewers and grow your lead list. These videos can be used on social media or on your site for building a list or emailed out to subscribers to keep your leads warm.

In-Person Networking

It might seem old-fashioned compared to video, but in-person meetings have always been great for securing leads and making sales.

Many businesses find success at large industry events, like expos and conferences. Though competition will be tough, you’ll find a lot of like-minded people at these events and both the events themselves and post-event drinks are great times to introduce yourself to business leaders and to hand out a few business cards. If you’re feeling particularly brave, you could even sign yourself up to speak at a conference, putting your face and your brand in front of a room full of potential customers.

If your budget won’t stretch to an expensive event ticket, you could even consider hosting your own. Whether you collaborate with others to host a technology micro-conference or host a small-scale networking event for local businesses, even small in-person events can be great ways to get your name out there and make valuable connections.

Conversational Marketing

Social media marketing is nothing new, but many businesses aren’t using it to its full potential. It’s often used by businesses simply as a noticeboard, posted with news and photos relating to the business. Instead, it’s better to be actually social and conversational with your leads and would-be customers.

Recently, platforms like Drift and chatbot providers like HubSpot have been leading the way in ‘conversational marketing’ - using smart chatbots to offer 24/7 live chat to website visitors. Thanks to advances in AI, chatbots today can help to answer queries, point readers to resources, and even schedule calls, book meetings and collect contact details.

These conversational bots can add a human element to your online B2B lead generation - rather than facts and figures, consumers are met with conversation and almost-human levels of assistance. Intelligent chatbots can tie into your email marketing too, they often can integrate into your existing marketing platforms and other social media, and come with a wide array of reporting tools to help you make evidence-based decisions in the future.

Some services, such as Drift, can even qualify leads before booking them in or referring them on - establishing their needs and identifying the right products, services or salespeople for them.

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