3 potential stumbling blocks in your HubSpot Salesforce integration

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If you already have Salesforce CRM in place - and you’re looking to beef up your marketing capabilities with the addition of HubSpot, then data integration is a must for a joined up sales and marketing strategy. Whether you're working with a certified HubSpot Partner or Salesforce Consultant, it's worth understanding the potential pitfalls.

The good news is that there’s a robust and reliable integration package to rely on (you’d expect nothing less from these best-in-class applications). But that’s not to say that integration is a ‘quick & easy’ task that can be left solely in the hands of IT!

Potential stumbling blocks to successful integration include the following:

  • Failure to ensure the quality of the data that resides across both systems
  • An absence of planning (especially on which activities to sync)
  • A lack of buy-in from your sales and marketing staff.

To help you get the most out of your newly enhanced sales & marketing stack, here’s a closer look at those pitfalls and how to overcome them...

The data you are trying to integrate isn’t “clean”

Your end goal is of course a leaner, fitter and more effective sales & marketing process: one that helps you better manage your leads and meet the needs of actual and potential customers.

But even if you’re working with the best tools in the world, none of this is going to happen if your raw ingredients (i.e. your customer data) are not up to scratch. If Salesforce has been a longstanding fixture in your company, this is the perfect opportunity to mount a ‘cleanse and declutter’ exercise.

The duplicate accounts, expired contacts and opportunities that have run their course: get rid of them all to avoid needlessly clogging up your workflow and skewing your performance metrics.

You’re unclear on WHAT you want to sync and WHO will be using it

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all Salesforce/HubSpot integration. How you configure it, the fields you want to sync between the two systems - and who will benefit from access to what data: all of this needs to be decided.

You want to avoid the situation where your people are drowning in seemingly non-relevant information. But at the same time, you don’t want to deprive sales staff from access to HubSpot insights that might increase the chances of securing a conversion. And neither do you want to pass up the opportunity of using Salesforce activity as triggers for instigating HubSpot workflows (e.g. identifying the points at which particular documents or other assets are fed through to leads).

Your people don’t get what the integration is for

If your sales managers don’t really understand why you’re upping your marketing automation capabilities – or what difference this is going to make to the sales crews on the ground, it’s unlikely that they’ll take full advantage of the tech.

What you’re really looking for is alignment between sales and marketing – so that both departments are working towards the same goals. That’s why both departments should be involved in the planning and mapping decision making before the integration takes place.

As well as having the technical expertise to ensure that everything is configured and mapped to your desired spec, you also need to be clear on your strategy: notably, on determining not just when you are going to interact with leads – but also, what form that interaction will take.

Remember; whether they are viewing a walk-through video or answering a sales call, customers want a joined up approach from your company. Truly successful integration demands that you think long and hard about the best ways to deliver this.


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