Why work with a Hubspot Partner Agency?



HubSpot Partner Agency at workHubSpot + Influence Agents = a proven and sustainable approach to generating results faster for your B2B organisation, using the world’s best-loved inbound marketing and sales platform.

HubSpot is the leading inbound marketing software platform on the market today, with a growing army of users and raving fans. Customers have at their disposal, a hugely powerful tool to improve marketing and lead generation, sales and customer delight. The technology, however, is just one part of a successful inbound operation.

Companies that buy into HubSpot usually find themselves in a position of ambitious growth, seeking an uptick in brand awareness, traffic acquisition, lead generation and ultimately, sales. For those that buy the technology direct, or who choose not to work with a HubSpot Partner Agency, the time required to adopt, integrate, and produce adequate results can be longer than expected. Marketers and sales leaders can find themselves leaving money on the table, due to a lack of knowledge and experience of the tools at their disposal.

Whether you’re considering purchasing HubSpot for your B2B company, or have already made the leap, and are seeking ways to improve and accelerate the results you’re generating, we can help. Influence Agents use a proprietary 3-stage process, to reach your goals faster, and create sustainable growth. We call it “The 3 C’s”...

Clarify, Construct, Connect. More on that later.

Influence Agents have been proud partners of HubSpot since early 2013, and our expert consultants have been using the World’s leading inbound marketing and sales software on a daily basis ever since. As a HubSpot Platinum Partner Agency, we help accelerate the setup and adoption of the technology in your B2B organisation, with our “shortest route to win” approach: getting you the results you crave, sooner.

Ultimate Guide to Hiring an Inbound Marketing Agency


Your HubSpot onboarding and support options    

Before you purchase a HubSpot licence, you should consider the two onboarding options available to you:

1. Purchase HubSpot’s own onboarding package (£2,450 for Marketing Professional, or £4,900 for Enterprise)

2. Work with a HubSpot Partner Agency to get tailored onboarding, designed around your specific requirements (Influence Agents include this at no cost, when you purchase your HubSpot licence through us)

There are merits in both options. HubSpot have a thorough understanding of the product, and offer fantastic insights into which modules and tools can help you achieve your goals. Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will spend some time showing you around the technology, and challenge you to put those tools into practice.

As for the latter option….

How the Right HubSpot Partner agency can help


Working with an Agency Partner that understands and has a specialism in your industry sector can offer greater strategic benefits. Onboarding and product training can be tailored to the specific “quick win” channels and tactics available, and adds a layer of specificity, when it comes to reaching and engaging your target buyers.

If you've already bought a license, and perhaps even set up a campaign or two, then it might be worthwhile conducting a portal audit, to see how your efforts to date shape up.

Strategy (Clarify)

The first of our “3 C’s” is the Clarify stage. Creating an inbound or content marketing strategy gives ultimate clarity to the goals you’re aiming for, the approach you plan on taking, the assets and deliverables required, metrics, attribution and reporting, and much more. Without this vital step, your publishing schedule and topic focus can vary wildly, allowing you to easily and unknowingly sabotage the whole effort.

Our Clarification documents include:

- Company strategy, goals, plans, challenges, product and service information

- Target buyer personas, their challenges, and how your company helps

- Demand research - identify the core topics and keywords that offer greater visibility for your organisation, via organic search, social, and paid channels

- 12-month content game plan, including four quarterly lead generation and nurturing campaigns

- Lead handling, management and lead scoring strategies

Flywheel Creation and Optimisation (Construct)

Before launching any new campaign activity, you’ll need to set up all the digital assets and “plumbing” necessary to capture all opportunities and handle new enquiries, in an automated and personalised fashion, using your HubSpot portal.

The Construct stage of our process deals with creating the necessary landing pages, forms, calls-to-action, workflows, emails, and more. Everything gets tested, to ensure that promotional activity gets the desired result, with no opportunities slipping through the net.

This stage includes any integrations to third-party tools that might be required, including Salesforce or other CRM solutions, webinar technology, telephony, event management, and a whole host of other API-led connectors.

Promotion (Connect)

Once the assets are created, it’s time to put them under the noses of the very best prospects. As any good partner agency should, we’ll help you to implement a hyper-targeted approach to lead generation and nurturing, that ensures the maximum number of new contacts are appropriately positioned to do business with you. That means connecting you with decision-makers and mavens inside your target accounts and good-fit prospect organisations.

Typically, our clients are seeking high-value, low-volume prospects, with whom a consultative approach to selling is most appropriate. If this sounds like your desired strategy, then get in touch with Influence Agents today.


What our Agency Clients say

“Matt and his team have supported us through the process of implementing HubSpot. They took the time out to really understand our business needs and work collaboratively with us to fully set up the system ready for the team to use.”
Laura Hughes, DPG PLC
“Matt and the team really helped us at Movidiam to accelerate our route to success with HubSpot. The strategic process and expert guidance helped us understand our customer journey, as well as the marketing and sales assets we needed, in order to make inbound work for our business. A pleasure to deal with, and highly recommended to any organisation seeking to maximise their investment in HubSpot for sales and marketing.”
Charlie Hambro, Movidiam
“Matt and the team at Influence Agents have become an extension of our team and always have our best interests at heart. They continually do as they say they will, ensuring that we have a good understanding of what our marketing is achieving and where we should be focusing more energy to continue to build up the number of qualified leads we receive. I have no hesitation in recommending them.”
Phil Owers, Papirfly
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