3 Signs your HubSpot portal is under-performing

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No matter how well you set up your HubSpot platform, over time small errors and inefficiencies can creep in. Over time, these problems can add up to a bigger problem - a poorly performing site, low sales, and a struggling business.

There are several warning signs to look out for when diagnosing such problems, so follow these tips to iron out the kinks and keep your HubSpot running smoothly.

Underwhelming Conversion Rates

Low conversion rates are an obvious sign of poor performance - whether it’s click-throughs, page views or signups.

Before determining that your rates are a problem, it’s important to set realistic targets. Put a little time into investigating industry-specific benchmarks for starters, but also look back at your past performance to identify a trend. You may even be able to pinpoint the moment your performance dropped and determine what changes occurred to cause it.

Once you know where your site is and where you want it to be, you can start making changes. The ‘marginal gains’ approach suggests making multiple small improvements in many areas - improving the CTR (click-through rate) by a small percentage on many pages, for example - which then add up to an overall larger improvement.

Problems with Emails

If you aren’t seeing success from your email campaigns, the problem could be one of several things. The leads on your list might not be suitable, for example - it’s possible that your lead-gen process is producing lists of unsuitable contacts, and so the qualification part of your process may need looking at.

It’s also possible that your list is old and in need of a refresh (databases can suffer more than 25% decay in just 12 months) - if you’re emailing the same people time after time without success, it’s likely time to try another tactic. Regular list audits are recommended to make sure you're always emailing the highest-quality leads possible.

As well as refreshing your lead lists, it’s important to keep leads warm over time. Nurture your leads by staying in touch with them, either through email or over social media, to make sure they never go cold.

Underperforming Content

Sadly, not every blog post that you publish will go viral, and some might not be very popular at all. Problems arise through when your content misses the mark more often than not - and this can be a sign of a generally underperforming marketing strategy.

Poorly performing content can be identified in a few ways - if organic traffic has dwindled, you see little engagement either on your site or on social media, or if analytics show that people aren’t taking the time to read your content or click through from it to other areas of your site.

Check out our extensive guide to quality lead generation here.

You might be seeing content-related problems if it isn’t well targeted, which might mean you need to take another look at your buyer personas and how they impact your content calendar. It could also mean taking a look through your past content to identify what performed well and why, and using those lessons to improve your content in the future.

If you think you might have just a few pieces of low-quality content dragging you down, check out this HubSpot article on identifying and rectifying underperforming content.

Get a Complete HubSpot Audit

Warning signs aside, perhaps the best way to discover and solve issues with your HubSpot performance is to get a professional audit completed of your Portal, website and sales process, by a certified HubSpot Partner.

Here at Influence Agents, we offer several HubSpot Consultancy packages, ranging from roadmaps and strategies through to Portal reviews and campaign management. Get in touch, to find out more about how we can help.
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