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There's no doubting that HubSpot have invested heavily to develop what may just be the most user-friendly inbound marketing solution on the market. As with any software product, however, getting the very best results means not only understanding the available functions and features, but also mastering the best-practice strategies required to generate results.

Less-successful technology providers have suffered an adoption problem over the years. Users fail to use more than 5-10% of the technology, overlook some of the greatest "levers" in the system, and the resultant failure to deliver on targets deems the software to be surplus to requirements. Renewals simply don't happen.

Thankfully, in the case of HubSpot, there's myriad sources of inspiration, guidance and formal training, to ensure that you're set up for success.

HubSpot's own training

If you're purchasing your license direct from HubSpot, then you're obliged to avail them of their formal onboarding process, offering access to a dedicated Implementation Specialist for the first 90 days, and ongoing access to the Customer Success team. For those who are new to the technology, and are "going it alone" (i.e. not working with a certified HubSpot Partner), this is an essential resource that offers the perfect mix of hand-on support and learning resources.

As one of the most prolific creators of content, and an organisation that certainly practices what they preach, HubSpot have a wealth of video tutorials, help articles, tools and templates,  to help you through the initial stages of adoption. Cited by marketing and sales leaders worldwide, this could possibly be the best knowledge base on the planet.

Work with a certified Partner

Wait a minute! An inbound agency extolling the virtues of working with an inbound agency? Please feel free to invoke whatever levels of cynicism you feel comfortable with at this stage. Regardless of how biased I may be, there are some inescapable truths about working with an inbound agency (and we're not the only one out there, by the way)...

  • Sector knowledge

Working with an agency partner that has experience and knowledge specific to your sector and target audience can elevate your use of HubSpot beyond features and tools, and apply real strategic insight. The right partner will apply the necessary emphasis on messaging and positioning, to help improve the volume and quality of visitors, leads and customers your organisation attracts.

  • Goal orientation and accountability

A great agency partner will work with you to agree high-value goals (not just vanity metrics), and be happily held accountable to helping you hit those goals. Whether you outsource full responsibility for certain goal attainment, or operate a hybrid team of in-house and agency resource, it's important to agree the right roles and responsibilities, as well as key deliverables, both tangible and revenue-generating.

  • Knowledge share

On the training vibe, specifically, seek out a partner that overtly offers to train and support your team, in understanding the tactics and strategies they promote and adopt. The last thing any business wants is a prolific source of new business, that exists in an outsourced capacity, and which treats its approach as private "intellectual property". Be sure that you will inherit not only the assets and deliverables that you create together, but also the know-how. Look for HubSpot Certified Trainers, too.

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get a taste - attend a breakfast seminar

Many HubSpot partners and marketing associations have taken to sharing the latest techniques at #IRL (that's "in real life") events, worldwide. Again, find one that promises some real nuggets that fit with your sector focus - is the information more pertinent to B2B or B2C, professional services or sports & entertainment? Ask questions before you attend, to ensure the content and networking opportunity is relevant.

So here's the promotional part... Influence Agents run a monthly breakfast seminar in Central London, designed to help B2B Technology marketers and sales leaders to access the latest thinking, on all things inbound. We share sector-specific strategies and tactics, case studies, and "power-ups" to elevate lead generation and sales results to new heights.

View our upcoming events, and sign up here... Accelerate Your Inbound.


enrol in a HubSpot mastermind

Designed to be the most accessible and progressive way to get supported on inbound strategy as well as HubSpot's ever-expanding features and toolset, a HubSpot Mastermind offers the perfect mix of guidance and accountability, from the comfort of your desk.

Covering everything from setup and configuration, to campaign messaging and reporting, delegates are offered tailored, one-on-one help and guidance at a fraction of the cost of engaging an agency to fully operate their inbound campaigns. Monthly video calls are recorded and stored for posterity, and agreed actions are stored and tracked in a dedicated project board, ensuring full accountability. Delegates can also get support between calls, via the member Slack community.

Whatever your preferred method of learning, and the amount of input and involvement you're looking for, there are plenty of training options available for the eager HubSpotter!

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