Influence Agents becomes a proud platinum HubSpot Partner

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Over the weekend, we learned that Influence Agents have made the grade, and been awarded Platinum status with our epic inbound software partners, HubSpot! We're thrilled to have been recognised as one of the UK's leading inbound marketing and sales providers.

HubSpot's Certified Agency Partner Program recognises those partners that provide the highest degree of quality in their advice and support services, to those organisations that have chosen to implement HubSpot across their marketing, sales and services teams.

So how did this "mob of mutinous marketers and humble humans" achieve Platinum status? In 2020, we put even more emphasis on helping B2B tech leaders achieve their goals, by sticking to our 3 principal values:

  1. Niche Specialism

    With more than 20 years working in the technology sector, our experts have first-level experience in the industry, and an unrivalled ability to "talk tech" whilst applying that all-important focus on the buyer and their unique challenges.

  2. Value-Based Approach

    We still see agencies charging for time, which doesn't exactly incentivise them to deliver quality results in a timely fashion, first time. Our clients invest in assets, agreed far in advance of delivery, which forces our hand in getting the best brief, and delivering outputs of the highest quality with the fewest revisions.

  3. "Total Ownership"

    Any organisation should rightfully want to own their sales and marketing capability. It's one of the greatest assets to have in any business, so why would you want to outsource the skills, strategies and technical knowledge required to operate a successful pipeline, for longer than you have to? We combine traditional agency services and production with certified training and knowledge share, to ensure that our client's marketing and sales resources are fully-equipped to take over the reins when they're absolutely ready to.

How our Platinum status helps you

Our new-found status gets us greater access to the HubSpot team, with access to content and resources to help our clients grow better (and faster).

We also gain early access to upcoming features and product changes, feeding back on what's good, bad and ugly, of what's to come. In some cases, we get to showcase and try those features out alongside our clients, and get them ahead of the game, when it comes to marketing technology adoption.

More Influence Agents gain complimentary access to HubSpot Partner events and the all-important Inbound conference in September. Far from being a big jolly across the pond, we're mixing with the great and the good of marketing, sales, and the world of business, and we bring it all back to our team, partners and clients. There's real, tangible value brought back from every event.

The "Apps for Agencies" program allows us access to a suite of leading marketing tools, all of which integrate directly with HubSpot. From better reporting and dashboard, using Databox, to the latest video technology in 23, we get to test drive the tools and strategies responsible for growth in leading organisations.

What's next?

Check back on the Influence Agents blog for updates on our latest exploits as a HubSpot Platinum Partner, including strategies and tactics for growth across the 3 core areas of the technology... Marketing, Sales and Service. Considering HubSpot for your organisation? Get in touch for some expert advice!

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