Who are the best B2B and IT marketing agencies in the UK?

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I recently got back from the Inbound conference, held in Boston, US. For many reasons, this is my favourite marketing and sales event of the year - one being that it's not ALL about marketing and sales!

One of the common themes, and a question ringing in my ears all the way home, was "Are you being helpful?" The temptation in business is to always have the end "close" in mind, and create content that leads people towards a sale. As we know, however, now more than ever it's the trusted advisors and those that go out of their way not to be pushy and "salesy" that thrive.

I ask the same question of myself, and with that in mind, I decided to turn this latest blog post around and be as helpful as possible. Visitors here are often looking for the best possible assistance with various aspects of their driven marketing campaigns - some of which we at Influence Agents can help with, but often in areas where we're not the right fit, either from a budgetary perspective, or for the simple fact that we're not specialists in key areas of need.

Who are the best IT marketing agencies for B2B in the UK?

Based on various factors - call it an unofficial "algorithm" - I've compiled a list of the UK's top IT marketing agencies for the B2B crowd. These leading agencies are dominating the market in their area of expertise, and whilst I can't go so far as to recommend them individually and impartially, they're a great starting point for getting the help you need:


  • 4th Day PR

If you’re looking for a frank, friendly and unflappable B2B PR agency that delivers results and value then look no further. Fourth Day's team is dedicated to providing brilliant and effective PR and communications services. From regional to international campaigns, they help raise the profiles of technology, arts and not-for-profit organisations in Europe, Africa and beyond.

  • Lewis

LEWIS provides public relations and digital marketing services to drive tangible business results for local and global clients. Innovation and insights form an integral part of all their PR and marketing campaigns.

  • The Whiteoaks Consultancy

Whiteoaks is the ROI PR industry leader. Their commitment to results-driven and transparent creative campaigns sets them apart and ensures they truly deliver for clients.

  • Touchdown PR

With offices in Austin, TX and the UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands, Touchdown PR are an agency that inspires clients to think and act differently in a rapidly changing global economy.


  • Extra Digital

ExtraDigital have been providing direct marketing and digital design since 2002 for clients all over the world in a wide variety of sectors, providing everything from search engine optimisation and PPC services to first class professional web design, and social media marketing.

  • Lightflows

In the heart of leafy Surrey, Lightflows is a Guildford based agency made up of a passionate team of creative thinkers, digital experts, designers, developers and marketeers. Lightflows are a digital agency who work with businesses of all sizes, from small startups, medium sized businesses delivering both B2B and B2C digital solutions for clients in a variety of channels.

  • Omobono

Worth checking out their own website for inspiration - very impressive. Omobono was set up in 2001 to help expanding brands build stronger relationships, both externally and internally. Since then, the digital marketing agency have built a team of over 100 experts, who provide support and added value, with an ever expanding service offering across digital, social, mobile, brand strategy, video and brand naming. Delivering global projects from offices in London, Chicago, Cambridge, Dubai and Bristol helping clients gain cut-through and get closer to the people that matter; talent, employees, customers and prospects.

  • Upp

A team of more than 30 brand strategists, planners, creatives, designers, quality content specialists and digital experts that make up this leading advertising agency. All sharing a huge amount of knowledge and experience gained in agencies and businesses large and small.

  • Wirebox

Wirebox's capabilities are rooted within software development and digital marketing, and they are proud to say that they have created many a success story since their inception in 2005. The team are experienced in a variety of technological domains including web, database, mobile and bespoke software development, all skill sets that helped clients lead and innovate in their field of expertise.


  • Aspect Film & Video

Aspect is a UK specialist video marketing agency, based in Bristol and London. Their belief is in a smarter way to plan, create and activate incredible branded video content that audiences seek out. They combine the talents of a video production company, with the knowledge & expertise to develop video content strategies, and then to activate video content effectively.

  • Biscuit Bunker

BB works to understand the client and their audience, then progress the ideas and story, and handle all aspects of production. It’s the full package: development, production and delivery. The brief and the brand come first, then they work their magic to craft an engaging video that coincides with your visual identity.

  • Tracc

Tracc starts by understanding the client's objectives and matches them with the audience’s thirst for information, guidance and expert help. Which forms the basis for creative content. They find where the target audience lives online and then serves them with freshly created content and measures their response to videos to help better inform the client's commercial strategy.

  • Vidify

Vidify is a digital video production and marketing company specialising in the B2B sector. They combine strategic content marketing consultancy with on-demand access to video production capability anywhere in the UK. Their main focus is on providing partners the ability to effectively plan, create, distribute and measure digital video at scale.

  • Movidiam

Not a video agency as such, Movidiam makes the creation of video more accessible and efficient. The Movidiam platform comprises of a world-class global network of creative and production talent, complemented by a set of secure cloud-based tools that blend workflow, communication, project management and payments.


  • Amaze

Amaze are a global, full-service agency who provide digital marketing, technology and commerce consultancy. Born over 20 years ago out of a passion for technology and fascination with human behaviour, they are a full service global consultancy for digital marketing, technology and commerce.

  • Gyro

Gyro is "the first full-service, global creative B‑to‑B powerhouse". Made up of 700 minds in 17 offices acting as one. They're on a mission to create ideas that are humanly relevant.

  • Magenta7

Run by highly experienced staff, this full-service agency solves marketing challenges and executes memorable marketing and advertising campaigns that create positive differentiation for their clients. Working across all types of media, Magenta7 services a wide range of clients, from start-ups to blue chip companies, mostly throughout London, Beds, Bucks, Herts & Essex… but sometimes further afield.

  • The Think Tank

The Think Tank is one of the UK's leading B2B marketing agencies with a vast service offering, including brand development, strategic thinking, tactical marketing campaigns, digital communications, PR and design. Founded by Liam Bateman and Shaun Madle in 1993, their a good example of creative thinking that has helped clients be successful in the UK, EMEA and around the world for more than 23 years.

  • True Agency

True offers creative B2B marketing – the kind of work that truly stands out. They "look for truths and insights into your marketplace, your target audience and the media landscape", to deliver lead generation, raise awareness and connect with your target market every stage of the sales funnel.

So that's the run-down of my top full service partners. Watch out for follow-up posts on leading agencies helping B2B and tech companies in the US, as well as those agencies specialising in HubSpot and other Marketing Automation technologies.

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