Making content marketing work as an IT service provider

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As an IT service provider, you need to seize your space within the market in order to grab the attention of your prospective audience. And, quite frankly, there’s no better way to achieve your goals than with great content marketing. But how can you make content marketing work for your IT business?

1. Identify your customer’s pain-points

Your IT service or platform is designed to relieve specific pain-points, such as productivity, data management, customer relationship management and so on, so keep this in mind whenever you create a piece of content. By taking a ‘show don’t tell’ approach, favouring content above advertising, you’ll demonstrate empathy with your audience in an authentic and accessible way, whether that’s with articles, podcasts, webinars or ebooks.

2. Know and respect your niche

The IT service industry is far-reaching, and there’s no way you can establish yourself as an authority across the entire marketplace. Instead, identify your niche and create content that is specific to your area of expertise, and avoid trying to ‘do it all’ with every single blog post or video. Keep your output clear and simple, making sure each piece of content addresses one question or topic at a time.

3. Outsource your content creation

If you’re not a natural story-teller or you don’t know how to shoot and edit a video, recognise your weaknesses and outsource your content creation. With remote, online working it’s easier than ever to access talent regardless of geography, so find a company or freelancer that can fill in the gaps and help your business to create world-class content. If your content isn’t up to scratch, you’re much less likely to capture the attention of your audience, let alone convert that interest into action.

4. Consider yourself a publisher

It’s no good creating content without a plan for getting it out into the world, so think of yourself as a niche publisher and take distribution seriously. Content marketing requires a strategy to get in front of the right audience, so use all the platforms available to you - including social, email, video and audio - so as many people as possible see and consume your content. While the internet ensures there are relatively few barriers to entry when it comes to being a content creator, remember that you’re competing with professional media outlets, so it’s vital to take it seriously or risk fading into the background.

5. Monitor the performance of each piece of content

Don’t just publish content and leave it at that - make sure you track and monitor performance, and tweak your marketing approach as you go. While some IT service providers will have particular success with webinars, others may that find long-form articles or demonstration videos perform better, so it’s vital to know what works and what doesn’t so you can tailor your campaign accordingly. For example, if your customers are largely millennials, mobile-friendly, bite-sized content may prove more popular than long blog posts, so don’t rely on assumptions and use data to back-up your strategy.

Simply put, the very best content marketing campaigns are specific, accessible, authentic and measurable. Now go and seize that space.

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