Inbound Marketing Rules for MSPs

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For managed service providers, there are countless ways to leverage inbound marketing in order to increase your customer base. But to really get the most from your marketing endeavours, there are some basic but vital rules you’ll need to follow. We explore the fundamentals of inbound marketing for MSPs.

1. Focus on benefits, not features

Inbound marketing is an important part of the sales funnel, but to convert interest into custom you’ll need to show understanding of your audience’s needs (along with remedies for their pain points).

So, instead of waxing lyrical about the features of your managed service, shift your focus to tangible benefits.

  • How does your service make life easier for your customers?
  • Will it lessen the pain of customer relationship management?
  • Can it boost productivity?
  • Does it promote collaborative working?

Use your inbound marketing content to show empathy, and most importantly to explain how your product or service can alleviate specific problems, without going too heavy on the sales tactics.

2. Don’t be a slave to keywords

While it’s true that content can boost organic search engine rankings, being a slave to keywords can also be counterproductive. Although it’s important to focus your content - including landing pages, blog posts and ebooks - on relevant search terms, it’s much more crucial to recognise the intricacies of your audience and reward their time and interest in your company with authentic, unique and useful resources. Instead of fixating on keyword-stuffing (which is often very transparent and offputting), simply use relevant search terms as a starting point for your content production.

3. Establish an authentic voice

While we all know that sales and ROI are the driving force of your inbound marketing, it’s important to remember that your voice is a vehicle for human connection with your audience. While an overt sales agenda may seem like no-nonsense marketing, in reality your prospects will be turned off by bullish tactics and language. Whether you’re writing an article, hosting a webinar or publishing an ebook, make sure your tone of voice is driven by authenticity and originality, rather than an unapologetic quest for sales. Your bottom line will thank you for it.

4. Be helpful with calls to action

A well-crafted call to action allows you to gently guide would-be customers through the sales funnel. Forget to include an action-orientated prompt and you’ll miss an opportunity, but that’s not to say that calls to action shouldn’t be carefully considered. If your audience has taken the time to engage with your content, don’t insult them by getting dictatorial about the next steps. Instead, make sure your calls to action are clear, concise and helpful, designed to genuinely assist potential users as opposed to preaching.

5. Innovate

If there’s one thing that will draw attention to your business as an MSP, it’s thinking outside of the box. Use your inbound marketing campaigns to show off your innovative approach, setting you apart from the competition within your industry with all-new research, clever use of marketing platforms, or simply by reinvigorating your product.

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