Maximising the benefits of your IT co-marketing campaign

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If you want to ramp-up your marketing efforts, a joint marketing campaign could be just the ticket for your IT business. By working in a partnership, co-marketing can help you to grow a new audience, build your existing customer base or increase brand awareness. But how can you really wring every last drop of value from your efforts? Here are our top tips for maximising the benefits of your IT marketing campaign.

1. By playing to your similarities and your differences

Co-marketing partnerships rely on two businesses having an overlap in interests, complimenting each other in a way that ‘makes sense’ in the eyes of their customers. A great example is the partnership between music streaming service Spotify and lyric database Genius, who teamed up to create ‘Behind the Lyrics’.

Although the two businesses are in a similar, music-based industry, it’s their differences that really make their co-marketing efforts shine. Merging Spotify’s platform with Genius’s insight, the end-product was a clever feature that mutually benefited both, using their own unique areas of expertise to bring value to their shared audience. When looking for a co-marketing partner, make sure you do the same - looking for a business whose expertise not only complements, but enhances your own offering.

2. Be content-led

Going all-out promotional is a big no-no in the co-marketing space - not least because it’s a sure-fire way to alienate a large portion of your audience. According to Hubspot, the app Adblocker Plus reached an impressive 300 million downloads last year, with many consumers admitting they are put off by in-their-face adverts. But the good news is there’s a pack-a-punch alternative to advertising: content marketing.

By creating authentic, unique and valuable content tailored to your shared audience, you and your co-marketing partner will reap the rewards and work towards your mutual goals. Whether that’s an article, a podcast or a video is entirely up to you - just make sure you dedicate plenty time and effort to planning, creating and promoting your content.

3. Don’t be afraid to repurpose old content

It can be time-consuming and costly to keep creating new content for your co-marketing campaign, but it’s perfectly ok - preferable, even - to repurpose old content. Your audience is continually growing, so potential customers may not have seen that blog post you put out three months ago - so post it again, with a slightly different angle. A video you made six months ago may have all-new relevance in light of recent news, or changes to Facebook algorithms may have restricted your reach, so tweak the title, change the caption, and put it out there again. Bear in mind it takes an entire year for a blog post to reach 99% of its total lifetime readers, so don’t be afraid to repost, or even repurpose it into a new format.

4. Be clear with your terms

The success of your co-marketing campaign relies on transparency and clear communications, starting with your terms. Make sure your partner knows what is and isn’t expected of them, so you get the most from the co-marketing relationship, including timelines, goals, content-creation, hosting and lead-sharing. If this basic foundation is lacking, you'll be getting off on the wrong foot and won’t be in a position to maximise the benefits of your IT co-marketing campaign from the word go.

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