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To create a slick and efficient sales and marketing process, you'll need to revisit your sales funnel to understand what works and what doesn’t. Once you’ve got a better understanding of the current state of play, you'll need to come up with a plan to refine your IT company’s approach, so you can get better results and increased ROI. If you’re unsure where to start with improving your sales funnel, read on.

Recognise that a ‘funnel’ is only one route for buyers

While many of your customers will be captured through ‘wide’ marketing activities, casting the net through the likes of email marketing and social media before reigning in potential targets with more targeted content, not everyone will take an ‘inverted pyramid’ route to becoming a new client. Factors outside of your control, such as review sites, blogs and forums, also form part of the buyer journey, so you need to adapt to stay up to date with alternative routes. Instead of a linear progression from awareness to sales lead to buyer, buyer journeys are often more erratic and may even skip sections of the funnel altogether.

Gather meaningful data for predictive analysis

By gathering the right type of data online, whether that’s typical visitor journeys through your website, popular blog posts or social media click-throughs, you can tailor your approach to fuel your potential buyer’s journey through the sales funnel. Combining historic and real-time data, predictive analysis allows you to understand how your audience acts right now, and how they may act in the future with a different, more refined approach to your sales funnel.

Up your content game

If potential customers are exiting your sales funnel at a specific point, it’s worth addressing the reason why. If your content isn’t up to scratch, you’ll need to up your game with more relevant, valuable and expert offerings, whether that’s IT whitepapers, ebooks, webinars or online courses. The more time you spend on creating new and authentic content, the more chance you have of retaining leads throughout the buyer journey.

Pay attention to ROI

When it comes to the effectiveness of your sales funnel, nothing is more telling than ROI data. If your ROI isn’t up to scratch, you’ll need to tweak your funnel to be more targeted to specific buyers. As time goes on, your ‘ideal buyer’ will probably have evolved, so make sure you revisit personas, refine your target audience and adapt your approach accordingly. Be sure to monitor results on an ongoing basis, so you can continue fine-tuning your IT company’s sales funnel for the best possible results.


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