The new way to do SEO and content strategy in 2020 and beyond

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SEO doesn't work the way it used to. With the various changes and updates to Google's algorithm over the years, the arrival and growth in popularity of voice search, and new levels of competition for spots in the search engine ranking pages, a new approach is required.

We've all received the backlink "begging letters", and trawled through site audits, mending meta data and carefully placed our chosen keywords in all the right places, but beyond that... how can we truly get higher volumes and higher quality of traffic in 2020?

Well, we ran a webinar with our friends at Frase to show you exactly how to:

  • Dramatically shorten and simplify the time spent researching relevant topics and keywords

  • Identify optimisation gaps and opportunities on your existing pages

  • Score your content against top-ranking sites and competitors

  • Generate in-depth content briefs for your writers, in moments

  • Streamline your organisation's content production strategy for greater output and better results





James West

About the author: James West

Inbound Marketing Agent and HubSpot nerd. James is responsible for ensuring customers get value and tangible results from their inbound marketing systems and campaigns. When he's not digging around in HubSpot, James is playing football or watching his beloved Spurs. He sometimes thinks they could use his silky skills!