Getting started with intent-based marketing

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2020 has seen huge consistencies in the way people are utilising the internet to inform and educate, perfectly demonstrating the true value of intent-based marketing.

As part of our lockdown webinar series, Influence Agents were recently joined by guest speaker Tukan Das, CEO and Founder of LeadSift. Together, we addressed everything you need to know about successful intent-based marketing, by walking through strategies (you should have adopted yesterday) to connect with the top 3% of active buyers in your marketplace.

Specifically, we discussed:

  • What is intent data, and where is it sourced from?

  • How does an intent-led approach improve marketing and sales performance?

  • What are the triggers and signals that help identify active buyers?

  • "Bolting on" intent data to your current inbound marketing and sales approach.

  • Who should be using intent-based marketing? And who shouldn't?


Intent Based Mktg Webinar FINAL




Matt Hodkinson

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