Why consistency is key for your content marketing

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Content marketing is a great way to grab attention and stand out as a brand, but your campaign is nothing without consistency. Even The Content Marketing Institute includes the word ‘consistent’ in its own definition of content marketing - so why is it so vital? We reveal all.

What does ‘consistency’ actually mean for content marketing?

Consistent content marketing means two things: consistent quality, and consistent publishing. Not only should your content be of a consistently high quality, written in a recognisable tone of voice and reflecting your brand values and design, but it should also be posted regularly, on the appropriate content channels, so your audience can come to rely on you as a source of insight and information. Once you have consistency nailed, you’ll:

  • Start to become established as a brand authority and thought leader within your niche

  • Strengthen your brand identity, ensuring it’s immediately recognisable - both brand engagement and brand awareness will expand rapidly when your brand message is getting across

  • Connect with your target market across a variety of online platforms and content channels

  • Boost your SEO, as Google favours websites with fresh, relevant and original content

  • Allow your audience to depend on you for great content that's regular

  • Get not only more organic and repeat traffic, but give visitors a reason to return

  • Boost conversions by capturing information for leads, such as an email address, in return for a research paper or ebook

By being consistent in your content marketing efforts, you are committing time, resource and strategic thinking to your campaign, which in turn allows you to create a process that will be proven and improved over time, and integrated into your business. The more consistent you are, the better your content will become, and the slicker your process will be.

One of the biggest benefits of consistency with content marketing is improved search engine optimisation. If you’re consistently publishing new and relevant content on your website - whether that’s pages, blog posts or landing pages - Google will crawl and index your website more often. Accompanied by a targeted SEO strategy, regular content updates can therefore boost your rankings, as long as you focus on being authentic, relevant and engaging. You can find even more detail on the Moz blog, with ten examples of how fresh, relevant content can affect Google search results.

How to achieve consistency, without any pain

To start, you’ll need to come up with a great content strategy and publishing plan, covering all platforms with a whole host of different interactive content; from social media to emails, video campaigns to weekly webinars, and of course, your blog. You may even commit to producing an annual online course, or another larger piece of content like a whitepaper or ebook that adds value to your industry and your business. Think about daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual content.

Next, agree a process for content creation that works for you - whether that’s working remotely with a marketing business, or utilising Agile methodologies to get the job done internally. 

Finally, remember the 80:20 rule of content curation (The Pareto Principle). It's just as important to share and repost quality content from other content providers, as it is to create it yourself. Ideally, you want to widen your brand message, without coming across as too pushy, which is why you'll benefit from shared content. You'll also attract strategic partners who will reciprocate with mentions and backlinks.

There are loads of options, so make sure you explore them fully to allow the creation of high quality, regular and consistent content across all relevant content channels, with as little strain on your current team dynamics.

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