Why your outreach efforts are being ghosted by your dream clients

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Taking the time to create content and reach out to your audience only to be met with silence and disappointing sales can be extremely frustrating. All too often, outreach either doesn’t reach the right customers or doesn’t connect with them as hoped, having a negative effect on your marketing budget and your sales.

Achieving success with your outreach is an essential part of any customer journey - it’s what draws your customers in and nets you the attention of your dream clients.

Let’s take a look at exactly why your outreach might be missing the mark, and steps you can take to guarantee success.

Sharing Relevant Content

Whatever form of content you produce and however you reach out to your customers, it’s vital to have accurate targeting in place alongside enough data to target every lead with relevant outreach.

List segmentation is a good place to start, giving you the ability to target customers based on the data that you already hold. From previous purchases and shopping habits to location, age, and even hobbies, you can laser-focus your outreach to ensure that you always target the right adverts and deals to the right customer.

The type and style of content that you produce and share will depend on what your business sells too. Selling to businesses instead of consumers requires a slightly different approach in most cases - targeting customers based on their job title and industry - while the content itself needs to be more professional and business-focused.

Reviewing The Customer Journey

Often, a business’s outreach can fail because they forget the importance of aligning their content with stages of the sales funnel or customer journey. Sending irrelevant outreach to customers at the wrong stage of the funnel is a sure-fire way to be ignored or, even worse, forgotten about.

Just as with sending out relevant content, it’s a good idea to segment your email and outreach lists by funnel stage. Customers who have already bought from you may want to see different content to brand-new prospects, for example, while those on the fence could be pushed to buy with some well-placed deals.

Think of this as another form of remarketing, like PPC advertising. If customers have shown interest in your products before, make sure they receive the right content to nudge them over the edge into buying.

Persistent Outreach

It’s very unlikely that any prospect will buy from you after their first interaction with your business - so don’t worry if you don’t see immediate results from your outreach.

In fact, it’s widely accepted that customers need to interact with your business several times (called ‘touchpoints’) before they’ll buy - touchpoints can be face-to-face conversations, phone calls, emails, and a whole range of other marketing methods.

According to HubSpot, five is around the average number of touchpoints needed before you can expect a customer to commit - that’s five positive interactions with your business, all leading them towards one sale.

Of course, every customer will be different and the number of touchpoints required will vary depending on your business, your marketing, and your products. Some customers might be ready to buy after the first interaction, while others could take a lot more convincing.

Check out this article over at HubSpot to find out more about customer touchpoints.

If your current outreach isn’t cutting it and you’re missing out on your dream customers and clients as a result, it might be time to reassess.

With targeted and relevant content, plus ongoing outreach to support your sales process, you can guarantee your business a positive outcome from outreach and see a boost in conversions and sales.

Be sure to head on over to our comprehensive resource about how you can improve lead generation.

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