The challenge

We understand that your internal team may not have the bandwidth to properly configure your HubSpot software, and that project complexity, time restraints and unfamiliarity with the process can both slow down your onboarding time and create costly mistakes. That’s why our technical experts are here to help.

Our features

Influence Agents have been a proud HubSpot Solutions Partner since 2013, and our marketing experience dates back even further.

Our seamless onboarding process has been designed to help new customers on the Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise software platforms, to get more out of their HubSpot, for less.



Stage 1



Configure HubSpot


Starting you off on the right footing, we'll take care of all the somewhat-fiddly settings and basic configuration of your HubSpot portal. Getting these right first time means building your inbound efforts on solid foundations.


Data compliance in HubSpot


Since the advent of GDPR and with the many other requirements for privacy and cookie policies, consent and adherence to any other regulations relevant to your industry, can all get very overwhelming. We'll take care of this, to ensure you're compliant across your HubSpot hosted assets and pages.



HubSpot domain settings


An Englishman's home is his castle, and your organisation's home is very much on the web. We'll make sure you're discoverable, by connecting your root domain, getting your DNS settings updated at the appropriate time, configuring your email sending domains and such.

Stage 2



Marketing data imports


Unless it's Day 1 for your business, chances are you've a wealth of customer data to bring to your HubSpot-hosted campaigns. We'll help you to collate, clean up, validate and import your database, to have your no-doubt eager prospects and customers set up and ready to receive your message.



Branding settings in HubSpot


Best foot forward. Sunday best. Best bib and tucker! Consistency is key, in marketing and sales, so we'll ensure that your brand guidelines are born out in your HubSpot settings, and made available to the design and other content creation tools in the software.


HubSpot page and email templates


Whether it's landing pages, thank you pages, blog listing and posts, or emails, you'll require a handful of core templates designed and programmed into HubSpot, to make the very best of its capabilities. We'll create some on-brand templates, and mimic your main site navigation, to get you started. Completely custom templates can be ordered on request, too.

Stage 3



Inbound marketing strategy


We're a "quick wins first" kind of operation, so we'll have our strategists work with you, to suggest some initial campaigns and "low hanging fruit" to have you generating results from your HubSpot campaigns as quickly as possible.


Integrations and CRM in HubSpot


With over 300 direct integrations between HubSpot and associated technologies, and many more available via "handshake" tools like Zapier, the capabilities extend way beyond just marketing and sales, and into business automation. Whether it's a simple CRM integration or something more complex, we're here to help.



Transition marketing efforts in HubSpot


As with any technology, adoption is key to success. Whilst there are many training and certifications available online, we'll help to drill down into the key areas of HubSpot and related tactics and strategies, to ensure your team are up to speed and running the show in no time.



What do you get?

  •  - The core configuration of your HubSpot portal completed in 48 hours or less
  •  - An assigned Implementation Specialist for 3 months from the start of your HubSpot subscription service
  •  - One-to-one video coaching
  •  - Unlimited email support
  •  - Technical setup assistance 
  •  - Guidance on integrating your existing CRM or other systems with HubSpot
  •  - Assistance and advice with developing, managing and executing your first inbound campaign
  •  - Creating basic templates to get you started
  •  - Connect your social media accounts
  •  - SEO expertise and advice in getting you found online
  •  - Discounted add-on products from third-party software vendors and HubSpot integration partners
  •  - Much, much more

Price for Marketing Hub Professional: £2,600 + VAT

Price for Marketing Hub Enterprise: £3,800 + VAT


So why us?

Aside from matching the onboarding services provided by HubSpot and at a significant discount, we provide a hassle-free, quick and personal partnership, that gets you up and running in next to no time. All our experts are HubSpot-certified, and our track record in the B2B technology sector means that we bring a deeper level of understanding and subject matter knowledge to all engagements.

Let's talk HubSpot...

HubSpot is the World's favourite inbound marketing software, and with Influence Agents in your corner, you can be up-and-running, and producing results faster.

Book a 30-minute consultation with one of our certified experts.

We'll discuss:

  • Your organisation's goals
  • Your greatest marketing challenges
  • An evaluation of whether and how HubSpot can support your marketing and sales goals