What is intent-based marketing?

You’ve worked hard on crafting your message, creating eye-catching ads, and developing a stellar social media campaign. So why is none of it cutting through? 

We know better than most just how crowded the marketplace can get. But somewhere among the noise are your most valuable prospects: the ones who are ready to buy. It’s our job to help you spot them, and to focus your messaging where it’s going to work best. 

Our buyer intent engine identifies all those incredibly valuable “digital footprints' that your prospects leave across the public web. They tell us who’s researching your products, industry or competitors right now: the tell-tale signs that they’re ready to buy. 

Armed with this knowledge, you can identify customers you never knew were there. Just what you need for hyper-relevant targeting, reduced sales cycles and increased conversions.


1. Save time

You can scrape the entire internet spending day after day on LinkedIn, and buy static lead lists till your heart's content.

Or, you can avoid tedious, manual research and get quality, red-hot leads delivered to your inbox, daily.

2. Work smarter

In defining your search parameters, we'll find you the best decision makers at the buying stage for your product.

Meaning you can focus your outbound efforts on leads who are interested in products like yours.



3. Sell more

Competitive intelligence gives you the upperhand to intercept leads that are ready to buy, as soon as prospects or customers start talking to competitors.

With predictable growth, you can move faster than your competition and close more deals.

Are you ready to grow?

Find out how our partnership with LeadSift can help you to start scaling your business today.

Your free 30-minute consultation can be conducted by phone, online or face-to-face. We'll focus on:

  • Understanding your current approach to marketing and sales
  • Discussing the triggers and signals that help you identify active buyers, and
  • Walking you through the platform by revealing which of your target accounts have shown intent in the 24 hours