Why does video work?


When face-to-face meetings are off the table, there are a limited number of ways to build trust and develop your on-going relationship with buyers. But one method that trumps all others, is video. Integrating video content and automation not only generates more qualified leads and meetings, but it adds efficiency to the entire sales process by optimising outreach and shortening your sales cycle. 

  • Boost click-through rates by 200 - 300% (source)

The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text. So it’s no wonder that click-through rates are trebled, simply by cutting through the noise, and adding personality to your prospect communications.

  • Add in-video CTAs and forms

In spite of YouTube being the second most popular search engine after Google, it’s not always got your business’ interests at heart. When using YouTube to host your content, prospects can be shown unrelated, or worse, competitor content, as soon as your video ends.

  • Get behavioural insights by tracking engagement

Learn how your audience are behaving, and react accordingly. Prospects are only watching 50% of your video? Make your videos shorter, and add a CTA before the half-way cut off point.



Who should be using video?


We’d like to say everyone, but we’d be lying. Some of you are already incorporating video into your sales cycles and have a natural flair for being on camera. So we’ve developed our Video Sales Jump-Start Programme to level the playing field.

The programme is specifically designed for teams who are struggling to adopt new technologies, crave higher engagement rates from their leads, or are resistant to being on camera.

We offer both fast track and expert programmes, ranging from 4 to 12 weeks. The length of your training is dependent on your business needs and goals, as well as your appetite for progression, and the results you want to achieve. 


What can you expect?






We don’t currently use video software. Do we need to buy something in order to participate in the programme?

We’ve partnered up with Vidyard, one of the world’s leading video hosting platforms for businesses. You can get started using their free Google Chrome plugin, and scale from there, as and when you see the need. We'll help you get comfortable with the tech, in the early stages of the programme.

We’re not a HubSpot user, will there be a problem with integrating Vidyard and our existing CRM?

Vidyard integrates seamlessly with a whole host of CRMs, including HubSpot, Marketo, Act-On, Zendesk and Mailchimp. It is also the only major video hosting platform with a native Salesforce integration. (source)

How much does the programme cost?

You can join our B2B Video Sales Academy for free. Beyond that, we have more hands-on coaching and training programmes for sales professionals individually, and teams of all sizes. All pricing is shown below, on this page.

We have a whole sales team that could benefit from this. How many people can we enrol at once?

The programme content, training and accountability calls are all conducted online, so we're not limited for capacity. We would recommend, however, that larger teams are broken up into cohorts of 10-12 at most. Get in touch for an assessment and bespoke package, to match your requirements.


Video Sales Academy

(Free online course and community)

For Sales Professionals looking for the perfect mix of self-service online learning and peer support. Take yourself through our proven process in your own time, at your own pace, whilst also getting the feedback and peer review, to perfect your video sales strategy and patter:

  • Free online training modules
  • Templates and sample scripts
  • Tech tutorials and setup help
  • LinkedIn Group for support, ongoing tutorials and content, and get feedback from peers, on your prospecting and sales videos 

Price: FREE


video sales academy


(4-week programme)

For sales teams and professionals looking for a more hands-on coaching and support experience. A dedicated video sales coach will guide you through our proven process in a structured weekly programme. We'll have dedicated coaching sessions for the team, with assignments and accountability baked in:

  • Weekly dedicated recorded coaching video calls
  • Access to all programme materials, including templates and scripts
  • One-to-one Vidyard tutorials and help with getting set up
  • Access to our Slack group for peer support and video reviews

Price: £3,400 + VAT per team



(90-day video sales mastermind)

For larger sales teams and individuals requiring more advanced, hands-on support, and the desire to accelerate their sales results to new heights.

You'll gain membership of a select and limited group of sales professionals, hell-bent on maximising their sales performance with video.

In addition to all the features present in our Jump-Start Programme, you'll gain:

  • Advanced video sales tactics and sales enablement training
  • New strategies for pairing video sales with automation to further scale your efforts and results
  • Technical help with getting Vidyard integrated with HubSpot (Sales and Marketing Hubs)
  • A dedicated Video Sales Success Manager, available for email and telephone support (fair usage)

Price: £8,900 + VAT per team

video sales programme

Begin your journey to video sales mastery...

Inbound Marketing offers the most effective opportunity to get found online, turning increasing numbers of site visitors into qualified leads, and converting those leads into sales.

Your free 30-minute consultation can be conducted by phone, online or face-to-face. We'll discuss:

  • Your organisation's goals
  • Your greatest marketing challenges
  • Ideas on how to acquire new clients and improve retention
  • Expert advice for generating more traffic, leads and sales